Wednesday, December 21, 2011

One Word….Finally!

I finished decorating the tree after Hannah went to bed tonight.  It’s wonderful to have it fully decorated but it would have been much more fun to have her help.  Her attention span lasted about the length of time it took to put her little ornaments on the bottom though and then she was done.  There were stories to read and toys to be played with.  The tree was complete as far as she could tell. Smile
Well, I left it like that for a week and truly contemplated just leaving it with her decorations but then tonight I decided to spruce it up a bit and add more things.  I skipped many of the regular decorations I usually put on it and went with mainly gold, cream and red balls but I’m very happy with it!DSC_9499
That being said, there are still many special ornaments adorning out tree.  In the bottom left corner of the pic above you can see the little ornaments Hannah and I made for the grandparents last year.DSC_9514
This little Asian girl and cottage were a gift from a dear friend as I waited for Hannah.  It is a treasure and it signifies the years of faithfully waiting for God's perfect timing!   And oh how perfect she is!!!!!!!!DSC_9509
Mulan, DSC_9510a reminder of our August trip.IMG_1981
And, the most precious new ornaments this year are the ones that Hannah made herself!  This fun foam wreathDSC_9531
and her sweet little handprint!DSC_9529
Hannah has no idea that I was going to decorate the tree tonight. It will be fun to see her reaction in the morning!DSC_9524
4 more sleeps!!  Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. It turned out beautiful! We have that same China girl ornament while waiting for Chloe, so special. Christmas is just so much more special with a child! I hope you and Hannah have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. It looks just beautiful, Catherine! Soon your sweet daughter will be decorating the tree herself. For years, Emily was the cheif tree decorator. Boy did I miss her this year! I had 4 others ready to take her place, so I let them at it. The tree doesn't look look quite the same, but that's ok, too. :)

  3. Now THAT is a Christmas tree! Cath, it is breathtaking! You did such a beautiful job. I love how special the ornaments are. Merry Christmas, my sister-friend.

  4. Your tree is gorgeous! Wow! I love the special ornaments and the way you arranged everything to look so rich and warm. Merry Christmas!

  5. Catherine, it is beautiful! I love Hannah's handpring on the ornament. I'll have to remember that one and forward it to my friend that has twins. I managed to find a Fisher Price Nativity set in Zellers in Victoria. They had last years, like Hannah's, as this years on the FP website are not as nice. I love your posts and have linked your blog to mine. Merry Christmas to you and Hannah.

  6. Gorgeous pictures!!!


  7. Beautiful tree! I love all the special ornaments on the tree and the story that they all tell.

    I hope you had the best Christmas yet!


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