Saturday, December 10, 2011

A New Tradition Has Been Born: Christmas Gingerbread House Creation!

Yesterday as the evening drew near I grew more and more excited!  It was going to be a night when one more long dreamed of event was going to happen!

Hannah and I were scheduled to attend a gingerbread house decorating class at our local grocery store.  For years and years I had seen other people build these fun, seasonal creations with their children and I longed for the day when Hannah and I would do it together!  Last night was that night and to make even more special Auntie Norma was going to be there with two of her grandkids who Hannah knows from daycare at Bonnie’s.  An evening of fun was guaranteed as we shared this special evening together!

Our adorable little chefs.DSC_9442

All good chefs require a personalized chef’s hat!DSC_9380



Checking out the candies, ‘Pssst Katelyn, Check out all these candies!! Do you think they’ll notice if we eat 1….or 20?’DSC_9394


After a little direction from our 2 head chefsDSC_9440

we were off!  Mommy was responsible to pipe the icing and Hannah was free to decorate any way she wanted! 




Hannah is not a subscriber in the ‘less is more’ beliefDSC_9409

I gave no guidance as to what went where and I was surprised to see how organized she was with her decorating.  Once again, a reminder to even myself that she’s only 2 3/4 years old!


The kiddos’ works of art in progress.DSC_9421

Considering her next decorating stepDSC_9413

Grandma helping hold little parts that wanted to slide away before drying.DSC_9422

Hannah ‘posing’ with her finished house.  Heh….still not a fan of looking at the camera.  She prefers the more relaxed, ‘Hey mommy, take what you can get’ kinds of poses!DSC_9427

3 adorable kids with 3 awesome gingerbread houses!!  Don’t they look proud?  And so should they!DSC_9430

This sweet house has been dusted with snow and is now adorning our home.  A new tradition was born for sure and hopefully it will be with our friends again next December!DSC_9433


  1. What a cool tradition to start! Looks like lots of yummy fun.

  2. I love it! What a fun tradition! And so nice that you could share it with friends!

  3. HOw much fun! And you are so good at it.

    We have done it for several years....none of our houses stay together! It has be come a jokae and a compitition to see whose house stays up the longest.

  4. looks like fun! Hannah did a great job decorating the gingerbread house! I'm impressed.

  5. How fun it that!!

    Looks like a good tradition to continue!

  6. Hannah always amazes me! What a great job she did on her gingerbread house!!!

    LOVE that new tradition!!!

  7. Fun fun fun!! Jenny and I are doing our first gingerbread house I'm a little more excited! Hannah, your house looks fabulous!


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