Sunday, December 18, 2011

It’s Beginning to Look a Bit Like Christmas!

A week from tonight the gifts will be opened and we’ll be enjoying spending time together playing with Hannah’s new toys and reading her new books.

With that in mind and after she’d asked numerous times (while sitting atop the closed box in the dining room) it was finally time to put up the tree!  Last Monday night was supposed to be the night but alas Hannah was missing her friends in Urgent Care so she decided to spike a fever of 40.1oC/104.1oF to ensure that mommy was paying attention!  Yikes!!  We went back and thankfully her ears were clear but her chest, yah…not so much.  She’s been on an antibiotic for the past week again and a puffer which is new for her but she’s done great!  Unlike the awful illness she battled last month, she took this one in stride and even though she was sporting a fever for 4 days you wouldn’t really know it unless you touched my little hot pot!  She’s much better now thank you and for that we are very thankful!  My co-worker said she has 2 daughters and the one that was sick often as a kiddo is now a healthy teen and the healthy toddler now battles more illnesses.  I’m hoping my little sweetie is just getting it out of her system!

Wednesday night we put up the new tree and I’m so thankful for all those that encouraged me to purchase a pre-lit tree!  Last weekend I took a Home Depot gift card to the store with the intention of purchasing the tree I wanted and then keeping an eye on the flyers for the next month to see if it went on sale.  You can imagine how happy I was when I arrived at the store to find out that there was an unadvertised sale on all Christmas trees!  Yay!!! 

I went with a slim tree which suits our needs perfectly!  I’m so thankful for all the great options available in trees these days.  Here is our new tree!  DSC_9460

It’s not your eyes deceiving you, the decorations are few and far between!    But, I love where they are!  My little love was in charge of her (unbreakable) decorations and she put them all in the perfect spots for her.  So sweet!!!


My sweet decorator in action!  (The scowl at the end is somewhat new and I’m working on getting rid of it but alas, it’s here for now.  Hannah is almost 3 and working hard on inserting her independence!)

My goal is to get the rest of the decorations on soon but the challenge is that they’re breakable so it needs to go on after Hannah is in bed and by then I’m pooped and, also completing many of the other items on my Christmas ‘to do’ list.  I know it will get decorated….just not positive when.  Trust me, when it does you’ll hear the hootin’ and hollerin’ from wherever you live!

Hmmmm…I wonder if I can ask Santa for 26 hours a day for the month of December next year?  Truly y’all understand this!!


  1. The tree looks beautiful just how it is!

  2. The tree looks great! I have to admit I am one of those that looks at all the pics and then reads the post but as soon as I scrolled down and saw all the balls at the bottom I cracked up. Loving this Christmas, 2 year olds make me smile like nothing else!

  3. Hannah, get well soon. Poor baby.
    You tree is really pretty.

  4. LOL! as I was reading I thought - surely she has more decorations than this?? we must get busy making mommy some more this week ;)

    love it just the way it is! I could use a few more hours in the day too - you're not alone.

  5. 3 words - Plush Mickey ornaments. :-)

  6. LOVE your tree!! It reminds me of how my tree looked just a few years ago...sweet memories you & Hannah are making.

    Wanted to share something I found that I thought you might enjoy with Hannah next year. It is an ebook download for $4.99 USD called "Truth in the Tinsel." It is an advent countdown and each day has a Bible reading and lesson with a craft. VERY simple, but has been so neat to see how my children have put together the true Christmas story. here is the link:


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