Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hannah’s First Visit to the Dentist!

Hannah had her introduction to the dentist last week and she was absolutely AMAZING!!!  It wasn’t a ‘real’ visit as that will happen closer to her 3rd birthday but it was her first time in the dentist’s office and she rocked it!

She and I talked about the dentist for a few days ahead of her visit and I explained the the dentist would probably count her teeth and she’d get to ride in the up and down chair.  She was excited but I wasn’t sure if that excitement might wane when she entered the office.

When she woke up Wednesday morning she was surprised and excited to see that Bobble Chippey was also getting ready to go to the dentist! Smile IMG_3639

It was an early morning for us as we needed to leave the house by 7am which meant waking Hannah up.  I was changing her and started to get her dressed when she asked to stay in her pyjamas.  Why not??  The pj’s were headed to the laundry anyway so why not let her stay snuggly warm in them while bringing smiles to the gals that the dentist’s office too?

My mom met us at the office (thanks mom!) and watched Hannah while I went in for my appt.  Afterwards Hannah came in to join me so started off sitting in my lap.  The dentist came in and asked her to open so that she could look at her teeth and voila…she did!  Way to go Hannah!  The dentist commented that the spacing of her teeth is good which is always a good thing to hear, especially to a mommy who had to have a number of teeth pulled due to a small mouth.  (Heh…betcha didn’t see that one coming! Winking smile )

Learning about ‘Mr. Sunshine’IMG_3642

Chillaxin in the dentist’s chairIMG_3646

Choosing a toy.  I tell you, the girl cleaned up!  5 mins in the chair and she walked away with a new Ariel toothbrush, kiddie floss, a sticker and glitter ball!  IMG_3649Mommy on the other hand was in the chair for 45 mins and only got a (gentle)lecture about flossing, a cleaning and the bill!

And yes, the sweet gals in the office didn’t disappoint. From the moment Hannah walked off the ‘elegator’ they talked about how smart she was wearing her pj’s and wishing they could wear pj’s to the office too!

All one and all smiles.IMG_3645

A video of Hannah riding in the dentist chair.  She thought this was pretty fun!  I’m so thankful her first experience was such a positive one!!


  1. So cute!!!!!!! love the elf! my auntie has one for her little ones and they love it!!!


  2. i was going to borrow your elf idea for tomorrow. LOL

    Well done Hannah, such a big girl. I love your jammies.

  3. Take it from a mom whose little one has a wonderful dentist but still freaks out... you are SOOOO blessed that she had such a good experience. That is wonderful!!!! :) Love that her elf had a dental experience as well. Wonderful idea!

  4. Looks like things went well. I fall asleep in the dentist chair, so maybe I should wear pjs myself next time!


  5. Way to go Hannah! Glad everything went well for the first experience. Good to hear about the spacing of the teeth.

  6. Telling her the good things that a visit to the dentist will do to her would definitely make her excited for the visits. She looks so comfortable while sitting on the dental chair! I’m pretty sure her next visit would be as exciting for her as the first one! Good job, Hannah!


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