Tuesday, December 06, 2011

December 6th and Nary a Christmas Decoration in Site. Oye!!!

I have only one real excuse, but aside from that it’s just taking me a while to get our decorations up this year.   Last week they replaced the roof of our home so I needed to wait until after that before putting up our outdoor wreaths.  I was happy to wait as I was so thankful to have our roof replaced.  I’ve been in my home almost 15 years now (how did that happen??) and the roof was the original one the builder had installed.  Since a couple of neighbours had had problems with leaks last winter I was very happy when the roofers showed up last week!  Now that it’s complete my goal is to put the wreaths up when Hannah is at my parent’s place this Thursday evening.  Crawling out onto the lower roof is not something I want to do when Hannah is home as I can envision my daredevil kiddo climbing out right after me!  Yikes!!  That’s NOT going to happen so I’ll put the wreaths up when she’s not home.

Christmas shopping is coming along great and that’s a huge relief but if you were to see our home you’d find it hard to believe that Christmas is a short 2 1/2 weeks away!  Truly we must remedy this….and soon!!

Other than Bobble Chippey who makes his nightly appearance we have only one decoration up.  This particular decoration while a favourite of Hannah’s. I’ll blame on a weak moment for Mommy when her very sick little girl spotted it from the car on her way home from the doctor a couple of weeks ago.  SmileIMG_3586

Yes, we have officially become one of those people with the dare I say it, ‘tacky inflatables’ adorning their home for Christmas.  Meet, Christmas Mickey!  What place of honour did we give this special mouse?

Why the back porch of course!  That way Hannah can enjoy him every single evening!  She’s happy and so is mommy!IMG_3589

My plan is that we’ll decorate the tree on Saturday.  The question is now, which tree?  The little one we’ve used for the past couple of years or a new pre-lit one?  I have my eye on a pre-lit at Home Depot and am really hoping it goes on sale this week so that I can justify the cost.  We’ll see which one wins out and you’ll know by whether it’s the pretty little 4’ one or a new 7’ tree.   I know I’ll be happy with either but the thought of not having to string lights on the tree is an enticing one for sure!


  1. Hopefully you will be able to get the decorations up this weekend so you have time to enjoy!! You should also check Home Depot online - sometimes they are on sale there first!! Goodluck!! Hope to see you both soon!

  2. Go with the pre-lit and don't look back!!! Or, you could buy the pre-lit and put up both!! heh heh.

    Also check Loews (if you have one near you) they have pretty good prices and some of the Christmas stuff is already on sale. Walmart and Target also have good prices.

    Good Luck!! Can't wait to see the pictures once you decorate!


  3. I swore I'd never have a fake tree, let alone a pre-lit one, but now that we actually have one, I would never go back to a real tree and the pain of stringing lights :-)
    Hope you get those decorations up soon!

  4. I vote pre-lit all the way! but you may need a few more decorations for the extra 3 feet of tree :)

  5. Ok, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD at the Mickey blow up! My kids are BEGGING, but I'm holding FIRM! I think the back porch is a perfect compromise!

    And as a single mama, you DESERVE a pre-lit tree. We had a few years of a fake tree and it was pre-lit. Heavenly. Now with littles again, it's all about the memories, so we're doing the choose and cut, and we've yet to find one to cut down that is pre-lit. Sigh.... :)

  6. If you want a "live" tree, how about a small rosemary bush in a festive pot? It can hold ornaments or other decorations, become a Valentines' tree, an Easter tree, birthday tree, and enjoy a spot on the porch during warmer weather. We enjoy having one in addition to an unscented, larger, pre-lit tree.

  7. It would be fun to add a little 'live' tree but truly space is a big issue for us. As it is I think I'm going to have to put Hannah's craft table away for a couple of weeks which is too bad as she uses it daily. Still trying how to figure out how to manage things without having to do that.

    I wonder if Santa can bring us a slightly bigger house for Christmas without a bigger mortgage and in the same location? :o)

  8. How about moving her high chair downstairs for a few weeks and use the booster chair on your dining room chair. That way you might be able to fit her craft table in the corner where the highchair was? Just a thought.
    We still but our tree down, I love the smell of a real tree...and don't really mind stringing the lights.
    You and Hannah should come and join us to cut down a tree.

  9. A couple of years ago I had my eye on the tree of my dreams at Home Depot. Alas, it sold out long before they had a sale.

    They do make some lovely, skinnier trees now that wouldn't take as much room.

    We'll most likely never have Christmas inflatable in our yard, but I don't think they are tacky.

    Merry Christmas, Elaine

  10. If you wait until after Christmas all the trees at Home Depot go on sale, that's how we got our last year. Pre-lit is the best, we love ours.


  11. Pre lit!!! Love ours!!!

    Love the Mickey and I love that it is on the back deck and easy to plug in!

    Does it have lights inside it?


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