Sunday, December 04, 2011

Bobble (aka Chippey) has arrived!

Late last Christmas I saw an Elf on the Shelf and knew that  would he make an appearance at our home this year!
Wednesday night we watched the movie twice (because any good movie is worth watching over and over…and over again! Smile).  When it was over I mentioned to Hannah that I thought I’d heard someone at the door.
It’s easy to see that Christmas gifts will be ripped into with ease this year!
Chippey is the name of the elf on the movie so that’s what Hannah called hers too but she has been toying with the name ‘Bobble’ as well.  Personally I love the name ‘Bobble’ as that’s how Hannah has referred to her bottle since she first learned to talk so it holds a special place in my heart.  So for now he’s Bobble Chippey and that’s just fine with us!
For those new to the Elf on the Shelf, basically he’s a cute little elf that hangs out at our house during the day observing the goings on and at night he flies back to the North Pole to tell Santa what an awesome little girl Hannah has been!  (Trust me, there’s a lot of great stuff to tell him too!   Hmmm…wonder if I’m a little biased?) 
When Bobble flies back to our house each night he finds a new place to hide and Hannah hunts for him each morning. 
So far Chippey has been most comfortable hiding upstairs but I have a feeling pretty soon he might venture downstairs too!  Here are some of the fun places he’s been and Hannah’s reactions to finding him.
December 1st she was a little unsure about the whole thing and didn’t quite know what to make of this little guy sitting on the 1/2 wall beside our staircase.IMG_3575
December 2nd she was more into it and she thought he was pretty funny sitting upside down on the bathroom door handle!IMG_3578
I wonder what other fun places Chippey will find to hide?
(PS – So far Bobble Chippey has been very well behaved and I think that since he’s being an example for my sweet 2yo he’s going to remain that way.  I have a feeling in future years though he might get into a little more mischief.  We’ll have to see!  For this year, we’ll hunt for him each morning and laugh at the funny places he hides himself!)
For more elf fun you can check out friend’s blogs here, here and here!
Is there an Elf on your shelf?  It’s great fun I’ll tell you and makes getting up in the morning such fun!


  1. SO FUN!!!! We'll likely start a tradition like that next year. :)

  2. Catherine did you get it someplace close or did you have to order it on line. Is the movie you think Ava will be ok with it? If you got it around here please let me know.

  3. Very fun. Maisie's elf Mortimer is and always has been very well behaved because his job is to make sure that she's a good girl so he has to set an example.

  4. We're having fun with our elf this year although she's been more of a fun elf than a naughty one. Jenny thinks it's hilarious!! Fun stuff for your girls!!

  5. I saw this tradition last year but then forgot about it. I will definitely have to plan for it next year. Looks like so much fun!


  6. Fun! I had not heard of Chippy or the movie - I don't even know what it is called.

    Looks like it is fun for everyone.


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