Monday, December 19, 2011

Hannah and Kenna: A Dynamic (Noisy!!!) Duo!

Hannah and Makenna are just 5 months apart in age (Makenna is older) and they love to spend time together!  I love the relationship that they share as their next closest cousin in 3 years older than them so they’re our two ‘littles.’ 

The girls absolutely adore one another and when they saw each other last Saturday at an early family Christmas celebration, it reminded me of the commercial when the kids show up dressed alike and begin screaming.

When we arrived the girls realized they had the same tops on and the giggles began!


This is my ‘little’ brother playing with the kiddos.IMG_3677

I think if you listen carefully you can hear the laughter and giggling right through these pics!IMG_3671


So thankful for the love these sweet cousins share!


  1. For being 5 months younger Hannah sure looks a lot taller. Way to "grow" Hannah! The giggles are to die for. Merry Christmas

  2. How wonderful that they have each other!


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