Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Celebrations with Nana and Papa!

(Catch up post from Dec 23, 2011)
Tonight Hannah and I celebrated Christmas with Nana and Papa and oh the fun we had!!  After Hannah’s nap and hair cut it was time to head to Nana and Papa’s for an evening of fun and PRESENTS!!IMG_3922
Reading her new princess book with NanaIMG_3919
We gave Nana a coffee table book created from pictures from our Disney trip in August.  It was fun to relive those memories together again.IMG_3930
Auntie Joy gave Hannah a pillow case made with Mickey and Pluto material.  She loves it and has slept with it almost every night since, only missing it when Mommy sneaks it into the laundry.  At first Hannah preferred to use it as a sleeping bag though!IMG_3953
As always, the boxes proved to be as much fun as the actual gifts!IMG_3944
Thanks for all the great gifts Nana and Papa and the evening of Christmas fun!IMG_3938


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