Thursday, December 08, 2011

Congratulations 4Ds!!!

Earlier this week our wonderful friends the 3Ds became the 4Ds!!!

 What a wonderful day it was when they welcomed their sweet son into their family!!!  Isn't he the cutest??!!!  And his big sister?  She's amazing and a wonderful friend of Hannah's!

Congratulations friends!  Hannah and I could not be happier for you!!!!!  We cannot wait to meet your newest addition just one short week from tomorrow! 

If you'd like to hop on over and congratulate this amazing couple you can click here!  I know they'd love to hear from you!

1 comment:

  1. Your friends look soooo very happy--what a beautiful little family. The two little ones look like they are getting along fabulously. I especially like the photo of the two little ones fast asleep with their little hands extend to one another. They are truly blessed--I'm shedding tears of happiness for them, as my heart longs to have a little sibling for Charlotte, but sadly we no longer qualify.


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