Thursday, December 22, 2011

LOL!! Look Who Took All the Credit for Decorating the Christmas Tree!


Yes, Bobble Chippey!!

This morning when Hannah woke up we began our search for Bobble Chippey.  When he couldn’t be located upstairs we ventured downstairs.  Oh the wonder in her eyes when not only did she spy her adorable elf but noticed all the work he’d done!

There was a box of decorations that Bobble thought he might leave off the tree but Hannah felt otherwise so now all the decorations are adorning our tree!

So far the only Christmas ball that has broken was when Mommy dropped it!  Oops!  I’ll admit to being happy with a few new boxes of ornaments I picked up on clearance last week when we got them home and they were plastic!  Yay!!  I’m hoping this will be the last year decorating the tree on my own so non-breakable ornaments will be a good thing for both of us!

1 comment:

  1. Precious! I love Christmas trees!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas friend!



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