Friday, December 30, 2011

(Green) Milk and Cookies for Santa!

It wasn’t planned this way but when Santa arrived at our home on Christmas Eve he was greeted with a feast of green milk and green cookies! 

The green milk was thanks to Santa’s Elf ‘Bobble Chippey’ so since he’s now living back at the North Pole with Santa until next December, he’ll have to deal with him about that!   But, the cookies were all my doing.

When we were in Florida in November I saw a neat Christmas decorative icing package so picked it up.  We hadn’t used it so Christmas Eve day we set to using it, decorating cookies for Santa.  I was working on some last minute appetizers to take to a friend’s place that night and to family the following days so Hannah was set up near me, ready to decorate sugar cookies (thanks Auntie Norma!) for Santa.

You can see that this year she needed no help at all and quickly set about getting the important job done!IMG_3984


Adding many, many….MANY sprinkles!


The finished product all set out for Santa!IMG_4084

And since it’s fun to do this, here’s a recap of Hannah’s Santa offerings for the past couple of years.

2010  (21 months old)DSC_6291

2009  (9 months old)Imported Photos 00206

And one final note to Mommy.  Don’t let this innocent face fool you!IMG_3995

Next year schedule cookie decorating (which equals eating copious amounts of sugary icing!) at a time other than 2 hours before Christmas Eve service!  Let’s just say my excited bunny and I enjoyed the service from the hall and overflow room…along with other excited toddlers!


  1. We loved, LOVED watching your cookie decorating videos! Nugget sat in my lap and kept saying, "Nuh aden' (translations = Hannah again).

    She is such a good cookie decorator!!! :o)

    Happy New Year to you both!!

  2. Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

    It is our tradition to do Christmas cookies too. This year we have been in Hawaii, but I bought premade dough and let the kids put them on the pan. Not quite like home, but I wanted to try to keep the tradition going.

  3. How cute what you have left out for Santa has changed over the years!


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