Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Motor City Mamas Bloggy Meet-up!

Connie is organizing a bloggy meet-up in the Motor City from November 3rd to 7th! Should be a blast! So far Julie, Kathy, Krista, Lisa W and Stacy are in! We’re looking for more to come along too so if you’re interested head on over to the Motor City Mamas blog and sign in!

I’m extra excited that my wonderful friend Julie is flying in for the event! It will be so nice to finally meet her face to face as we’ve been email and bloggy friends for a long time now!! She and I have a special friendship as God used her in a special way to begin my adoption journey. Julie ~ Can’t wait to meet you in person! To make this meet-up extra special, it would be amazing if Julie arrived with her referral in hand! If CCAA matches slightly larger groups of files in September and October then that exact thing could happen! How exciting to thing that Tess and Mommy could be celebrating their first Christmas together as a family this year!

So, anyone who lives within driving (or flying) distance of Detroit, let’s hear from you. The more the merrier!


  1. Oh, I wish I could come! It sounds like soooo much fun! Have a great time for me!

    Janet T.

  2. Aww girlie, you make me smile. You are the special one. Can't wait to see ya!

  3. no fair!!

    Widh my adoption budget was done....I'd sooo be there!


    All I gotta say for now...looking SO forward to it :0)


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