Friday, September 01, 2006

Grab a tissue...

...and click here! This is the video of Mary-Mia and Rod receiving their referral call for Rose and Marie. Vidoe #1 - calm, cool and basically in shock!

Video #2 is them telling their parents! I cried each time they told their parents! Also, check out the neat way they share the surprise of twins!

I dare you not to cry, or at least tear up!


  1. Yeah, uh, a couple of tissues needed here. SOOO nice! I can't WAIT to call my parents with the news now! So nice!

    Janet T.

  2. Heehee...I already sent her a comment thanking her for me crying AGAIN!

    How sweet was that video?!?!?

  3. I totally cried and told them that I did as well! I wasn't expecting to cry (I am so NOT a crier) but waterworks were present!

  4. I didn't cry until Grandma #1 got so excited lol I am very happy for the whole family :)


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