Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lunch at the 'Black Red Monster'

Where's that you ask? Adult interpretation is that we had lunch at the 'Red Lobster' yesterday.

When Michelle's daughter Victoria was younger, Michelle and I started going to the Red Lobster for lunch once or twice a year. When Victoria was old enough to talk it became lunch at the 'Red Monster.' (I have a funny feeling lots of kids call it that...as least those of us living inland away from fresh, yummy seafood!)

It was too cute yesterday when Michelle and Josh picked me up for lunch. When we were driving to the restaurant Michelle asked him where we were going for lunch and he said with confidence, 'The Black Red Monster!'

The 3 of us had a great lunch together. Michelle and I may not have the opportunity to get together often but it sure is wonderful when we do. She and her husband are currently preparing to move to Edmonton in western Canada. Gonna miss them TONS!!! Sure glad we have email and blogs at our fingertips...literally! :o)


  1. Hooray! Edmonton! Does that mean you will come and visit......?


    Janet T.

  2. Sounds like you had a very nice time and Josh is the curest!!! His mom is very pretty as well. I'm sure you will miss each other tons.

  3. Good luck to them on their big move!!

    Keep smilin!


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