Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meeting Up with New Friends

I'm excited to be meeting Doris and Dan tomorrow who are fellow March DTC friends! They're going to be going through my city on their vacation so we've decided to meet up for lunch. Should be fun!

It will be wonderful to finally talk face to face with someone I've chatted with often online!

See you tomorrow Doris! Anyone want to join us? :o)


  1. I want to come! Except I live in Alberta..... :-( Have a great time!

    Janet T.

  2. You guys will have a blast. I have gotten to know D & D personally as we live in the same city and use the same agency. Actually, my office is a block from Doris' so we often meet for lunch.

    Have a wonderful time!

    Julie B.

  3. How fun!! Where have you decided to go for lunch?

  4. Have fun...would love to come and be with you all...a bit of a commute for this buckeye though ;0)

  5. ME!! ME!!!

    Doris has sent me some amazing uplifting emails of support lately and it would be so wonderful to really meet her!!

    I think I need to move EAST! You are an amazing friend to me Catherine. You all touch my heart so deeply!!

    I hope you all have a great time together!!!

    Bless you,


  6. I want to come, I want to come!!!! How 'bout y'all head on over to Sydney? ;-)


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