Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thank you Kim!!

To help pass the time as we wait for our babies, the March DTC group has offered numerous exchanges for us to participate in. I've passed on some of them but just couldn't pass up on a hair accessory exchange!

This month's theme was (as if you couldn't guess from the pictures!) PINK! When I arrived home yesterday there was this fun package of everything pink waiting for me! Thank you Kim!

She was so creative with her gift! All these wonderful accessories were in a cute little backpack. There's just about everything Miss Hannah could want to wear in her hair. Elastics, barrettes, ribbons, baby clips. Kim even included a baby's brush and comb plus a pink belt/tie for mommy because as she says, 'Some days moms and daughters just have to match!'

Can't wait to put these adorable things in Hannah's hair and snap a quick picture before she pulls them out! :o) Thank you Kim!


  1. So cute!!! I love this secret pal exchange and my mailbox visits have taken on an entirely new dimension. Our secret pal gift exchange begins this month and I was so excited to mail my SPs gift to her. Let's hope that Hannah has some hair for all those hair accessories. :)

  2. You can never have too many hair accessories. As you mentioned, they end up pulling them out and losing them, etc. Looks like you got a good start there. Very cute!


  3. What an explosion of girly yumminess!

    Love it :0)

  4. I LOVE the color PINK!!! Its gonna come in handy having all those hair acc. esp when hannah has sleep overs and the girls decide to take some home with =)

  5. Hooray for hair accessories! Perfectly pink!

    Janet T.


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