Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Seemed Like A Good Idea at the Time

Ugh....after taking 2 1/2 weeks off it was back to Curves this morning. Wow...what a difference a short break can make. I'm sure they doubled the size of the circuit while I was away! ;o)

Oh well, it did feel great to get back into it even though I took it at a turtles pace today. I'm missing my friends too which makes it tougher. One moved a little bit away (miss you Joy-Lynn!) so is going to another club and another friend goes later in the day. It's just not the same without them but I'm going to persevere regardless. Gotta get ready for Hannah which includes shedding some more of this pre-baby weight.

Time to get ready for work! It's the Tuesday after Labour Day and life begins full swing today. I'm excited to see what the fall holds! Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hey, be proud. At least you stop the car and go into Curves.

    I drive by and wave....shameless. At least I am getting myself back to neighborhood jogs. I especially love fall so that should make it easier to stay committed.

  2. Good for you! I know it's so hard to be motivated all on your own. I've got an hour before I need to get over to my pilates class. After working all day, I'd rather keep sitting here on the couch. ;-)

  3. Keep at it, Catherine! I've always thought Curves looks like a lot of fun! Right now I work out at home. Where I can sweat without anyone seeing me..... :-)

    Janet T.

  4. Awesome, Catherine!! Sometimes, it is hard to find the motivation to do it, but if anything is going to be the push, it will be Hannah! Happy Fall!

  5. My walk around the loop seems like 5 miles long after a 2 wk break I just had too!

    It's tough stuff but keep at it!!

  6. I miss you too! The new club just isn't the same without you there. I think about you sometimes while I'm working out and laugh (quietly to myself of course) because you wouldn't believe how quiet it is there! Nobody talks. You wouldn't be able to stand it. =)
    We'll have to meet for a Curves date sometime soon.


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