Monday, September 18, 2006

Confession Is Good for the Soul

OK Ladies. I gotta confess. After reading your comments about being organized on my last post I had to come clean...err messy! Want to know why the pictures of the bins and bookshelf were taken close up? This is why:

Scrapping/storage room...with 2 tiny bins hiding in the left corner, and

Office/guest room with book shelf ensemble. Is that luggage you see? Do I have company? Nope!It's just where it currently gets stored.

After seeing these 2 little windows into my world is there any question as to why I didn't participate in the Bloggy Tour of Homes? But, to my defense, these places are in the most need of tidying of the entire house. They just coincidently house my baby stuff. Guess I'd better get used to that!

PS - Notice the bit of carpet you can see in the scrap room? That's new this weekend! Just found it after weeks of bags and stuff (read: junk!)that was taking up residence there. If you've lost anything feel free to check in one of these 2 places. Are you missing papers, clothing, small pets? Who knows what's lurking beneath the surface?


  1. Could you be ANY cuter?? I, for one, think that your little crop organizer is amazing! Look at all that paper organized into sections on that cart!
    Notice, I don't participate in the BPOH either...I love our home, but we are minimalists to the extreme and our bedroom would bore the socks off of a newt!

  2. Heeeee heeee. I love the brutal honesty. Be proud!

    Thanks for the great Detroit info, I'll be checking it out in the AM :0)

  3. It's not really that bad anyway. But I say it's okay, you have to have one vice. Otherwise, I can't find anything wrong with ya! ; )

  4. Come to think of it, I am missing a DVD.... NOW I know where it went. When you find it, could you send it this way, please? :-)


    PS- FINALLY got to see AR tonight, it was GREAT! Looking foward to the next ones!

  5. You are the cutest! You do not want to see my basement. Feels like we have been moving in for months...oh wait...we have! ARGH!

    Keep smilin!

  6. We all have places in our house like that. We just don't admit it :). It only gets worse with kids - you just don't have time. Trust me - you have time now - just something to keep you busy during this wait and wait and wait, etc. Have fun and good luck.


  7. Oops sorry - it was Carter in there with Jake. (how do keep all four apart? lol)


  8. Hey, this is what your house is supposed to look like AFTER kids! Except it will be in every room, not just one or two!

  9. Hello friend!!

    I think that Carmody comment was for me!!! lol Oooops!

    My rooms used to look like that too! Then kids came!! Kids help you get organized VERY quickly or else it drives you crazy cleaning it up as it moves all over your house by little fingers and hands!!!

    I should show you pictures of all cupboards and closets that are taller than us!!! STORE THINGS HIGH!!!! lol

    Have a great day!



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