Thursday, September 14, 2006

Blessings Abound!

The blessings for Hannah's book continue to flow in! Here are some of the latest beautiful creations that people have made for her. (PS - My online friends are kicking butt! 2 of 27 layouts are from local friends. So far the first family layout to be received is still up for grabs! Why don't you take that place of honour? :o) For more details about what Hannah's Blessings book is all about, please click here. And to see all the beautiful layouts you'll find them here.

This first LO is created by a new on-line friend who lives quite close. The ladybug in the centre of the flower is a cute touch! Thanks Kathy!

Cindy from Manitoba included cute material on her blessing that I'm guessing is the fabric she's using for her wishes. The beautiful Chinese stamps of 'love' and 'wisdom' bring in Hannah's Chinese heritage beautifully. Thank you Cindy!

Kim and her family live in the beautiful province of Newfoundland! I haven't been there yet but would really like to visit someday. One of my special friends at work is from NFLD and tells me all about it. Mom's been there too and said the scenery was breath-taking! Kim used layers of paper to create this blessing and it's extra special because it has a picture of her family on it and a red thread running through it! Thanks Kim!

As an added blessing Kim also included a piece of fabric that whe painted the symbol of 'life' of for Hannah! This will have a special place in Hannah's book too!


  1. Beautiful pages!

    I may have to title a section in Jadyn's book as 'Foot-dragging Family' eventually ;0) I won't really do it..but it's tempting.

  2. Those are lovely. It will be a beautiful keepsake for Hannah.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Very nice! I'm sure Hannah will LOVE to go through them when she is older!

    Janet T.

  4. Those are soooo great!!

    I really need to get working on my wish for Hannah!

    I want it to be so special though and so that makes it sooo much harder!!

    Love ya!


  5. My page is still coming girl....please kick me in the BUTT!! Hannah is going to totally love her book...what a special thing your doing for her!!


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