Friday, September 15, 2006

Two More Beautiful Blessings!

Sandra and her mom created this beautiful page for Hannah's book! It's such a fun page with great colours! Thanks Sandy!

This page was created by a friend from church, Karen. She and I scrap together a couple of times a month at the church's scrapping group. What fun we have! She has 2 beautiful daughters, the youngest of which made her first visit to our Monday night scrap when she was only days old! I love the way Karen used to letters in Hannah's name to reflect the names of God! Thank you Karen! It's beautiful and extra special because of our friendship!


  1. Those are beautiful pages! Perhaps I'll see what I can do to add to Hannah's Blessings book. :)


  2. Great pages! I can just see Hannah at four years old, going through her book and seeing all that love.... beautiful to behold!


  3. Yeah...I'm loving all these wishes and blessings for Hannah!!

    Makes me wonder if I should have done it this way too!! ;)

  4. Ms. Hannah is gonna have one beautiful book!

  5. Those are gorgeous. Email me your address and I'll send one to you, too.


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