Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mmm...John's Chili!

When Norma and I arrived home from the Ex on Saturday we were chilled from being in the rain all day. What a treat to walk into her house to the smell of her husband John's chili wafting through the air. Yumm! It was absolutely delicious and a perfect choice on a cool, dreary, fall-like day. Hot, spicy and it even had steak in it! It warmed us from the inside out which is what we needed after we'd soaked up more than our fair share of rain during the air show.

Here are a few facts that we discovered on Saturday:
Did you know that if you put a garbage bag under you on a wet hill a few things happen?
1. When you attempt to sit on the bag you will quickly scoot down the hill (as your friend laughs hystarically!) until either an uncomfortable dip or rock stops you?
2. It's perfectly acceptable to laugh at your friend in return when she attempts the same feat?
3. Once you're on the bag and are pretty proud of yourself, small rivers of water that gather in the bag behind you and, at unanticipated intervals, pool then run downwards stopping only when soaked up by your pants and u-we@r?
4. You'll laugh yourselves silly and talk about the great memories you're building?!!
5. The perfect ending to a day of soaking up the rain and fun at The Ex is a piping hot bowl of John's chili!

Thanks for the great supper John - and also for the doggy bag! Still have enough left for tonight's supper and it sounds like it will be the perfect ending to another rainy day!


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