Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Blessing from North Carolina

What a treat it was to receive Dana's beautiful contribution to Hannah's Blessings book! The fun black and white picture of their family with the brightly coloured ladybug in it always makes me smile!

Dana is a new friend that I've recently made online. It's fun for us to wait for our daughter's together. Our LID's are less than a week apart from one another so we may receive our referrals at the same time! Oh the Praises and Thanksgiving shouts that will be sent heavenward that month!!!

Thank you Dana! Your layout for Hannah is beautiful and your friendship is a blessing.


  1. I've seen their site too, and I've always loved that picture. I love the black and white, then the red ladybug. Very cute.

    Janet T.

    PS- oh, and I saw Dawn's blog too. I just kept saying, "oh, I can't believe it....I can't believe it!"

  2. So pretty!! I am always so amazed at others' creativity!

  3. Very creative. What a nice addition to the blessings book!

  4. That is really original.

    Keep smilin!

  5. I love their site as well!!! My favorite song plays on it!!! ;)

    Beautiful blessings for baby Hannah!!


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