Saturday, September 30, 2006

OK...Now I KNOW I Have A Problem!

Had the wonderful privilege of attending the, 'Just Give Me Jesus' conference in Toronto last night and again today. I'll post more about that later but have an imminent date with my pillow before I fall asleep on the keyboard so just wanted to post this quick note before heading off to La la land! (Ahhh. Feels restful just typing that!)

The picture below is of the line up I waited in for my morning cup of Timmy's Java! Can you believe it??? What was I thinking? Oh yah, I wasn't thinking because I hadn't had my morning cup of coffee yet!!!

We arrived at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) about 45 mins. before the conference started. I decided to take advantage of the time to stand up before sitting for the day so offered to do a coffee run for my gang. Hey, I've done Timmy's runs for years and years. How bad could this be??? In one word...BAD! :o)

The ACC had a captive audience as we were not allowed to bring any food or drinks in from the outside. Take 15,000 (my guessitmation) ladies in a building at 8:00am on a Saturday and only 2 Tim Horton's and it's a recipe for $cha ching$ if you're the owner of this little goldmine!

After finding our what my friends took in their coffee I boldly went where no man (oh yah, it was a women's conference...duh!) would dare to go and I headed to Tim's. We'd passed one of the Tim's stands on our way in so I knew it was just back about 2 sections. I was surprised to say that least when I left our section to realize that I ran smack dab into the end of the line! 2 sections! Now that's a line up! Even the bathroom lineups were shorter which is saying something at a women's conference! This picture is taken from where I started in line looking towards the Tim's kiosk. See all those heads? They're all in line too!!! The arrow is pointing to my final destination!

Being the dumb determined gal I am, I bravely joined the end of the line. Having seen the amazing girls at my local Tim's in action I figured it would probably be a 20 min wait. No problem! Ummmmm...nope! 20 mins waiting...30 mins waiting (having moved up only one section) and I knew this was not a task for the faint of heart!

By this time the program had started which led to a really neat experience. As I waited with many other caffeine deprived women, the chit chat began to subside and in it's place songs or praise and worship rang out! How cool is that?!! We could hear the music coming from inside the arena and with the aid of the tv monitors in the concourse, we could see and hear what they were singing. What a neat experience! I wonder what would happen come Monday morning if I try that at the Tim's near work? ;o)

Needless to say, after a mere 75 mins. in line I was successful. 4 Tim's were secured snuggly in my tray and I was off to find my friends.

Oh yah... By the time I finally reached the front of the line I was feeling like a hot chocolate rather than a coffee (I'd had a little time to think about it!) so got that instead.

Bad move....guess who was back in this line at the first break 'cuz she needed her Timmy's morning caffeine fix bad?!

Better talk to my friend Anne who has Tim's connections, before we leave for China. Wonder if there are any Tim's in Beijing? If not, wonder if they can open one between now and then?


  1. You, my dear, are a true caffieneaholic!

  2. I can not believe you would stand in line that long for COFFEE! LOL! What a brave lady you are. WOW. That line up was LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGG!

    Janet T.

  3. Catherine - the coffee break group I am part of had a bus going to that conference this weekend. We are actually doing a study right now by Anne Graham Lotz. I was so close to going but just felt life was too busy at this time and needed to be home with my family. I hope you had a great time of worship and renewal. If I had've known you were going . . . that probably would have changed my mind! Would've been nice to meet you.


    P.S. I'm hoping there's Timmy's in China too! What are the chances??

  4. I'm pretty sure there isn't a Timmy's in China, but I know there's a Starbucks for you coffee fiends!

  5. I feel your addiction and I support your addiction. :) Hello, my name is Kathy and I, too, would stand in a line of a million to get my morning Timmies!
    Glad you had a great experience at the conference.

  6. Ok, I've never heard of Timmy's but it must be good to warrant a 75 minute line!!!

    Did the girls inside send out a search party for you?

  7. Tims is good but better be awesome for 75 minutes!
    I hear on A.M. caffeine fix!

    Keep smilin!

  8. I am not a coffee I don't understand...but Tim's will do that to people!! lol...

  9. Glad to hear there is another DIE HARD like me!! I would've been right beside you my friend!! No line is ever to long for my Tim's!!!

  10. I would have been in the line right with you, of course being from Seattle, it would Starbucks not Tim Hortons, but with the same end result;) (I know about the Tim's obsession after living in BC for 7 years). Hot chocolate? What were you thinking???


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