Friday, August 28, 2009

Tomorrow I'll See Hannah's Picture!!!

I heard from my agency late this afternoon and TOMORROW is the big day!!!

I have an appointment at 10:00 to meet with my agency to receive Hannah's proposal including PICTURES!!!

I'll be travelling into Toronto to receive my proposal so I'm guessing it will be late afternoon before I'll be able to upload pics here. I'll want to share them with family and friends and then here. Wonderful things come to those who wait....I know! :o)


  1. We will be think of you all day tomorrow - so exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see your sweet Hannah's little face!!!!! I don't expect you'll be getting much sleep tonight :)
    Lots of hugs

  2. Wow, what a feeling to be so close to seeing her for the first time. Can't wait till you can share her with us! Looking forward to it.

  3. oh c'mon photos! I can't wait to see her cute face!

  4. YEA... I sooo cannot wait..
    Have my girl ready to send me an email with her photo tomorrow since I will be at work.. are sooo right..
    Good things DO come to those who wait..
    Love ya..

  5. Yeah! We will see Hannah's face in less than 24 hours! I cannot wait. I will be here refreshing my computer until you return. Blessings!!!


  6. wild applause in Iowa, USA!!! can't wait to see your precious Hannah's face!

  7. Great news. It will be another day to remember.


  8. Yeahhhhh, oh the excitement.

    Guess who won't be able to sleep tonight...

    Jill xx

  9. Can not wait to see that precious face!

    Keep smilin!

  10. WOW! Waiting an entire week to see pictures. That's torture. The upside of waiting a whole week is, hopefully, it will make your TA come a week earlier than normally expected after seeing the referral pictures.
    You'll never forget this day. Bring a video camera and have them video tape you seeing her face for the first time. You'll look back at that video and be able to relive it all again in years to come.
    Waiting patiently for you here in California.

  11. I can't wait! I am seriously SOOO excited for you. Excited just sounds silly to say because I'm MORE than excited. You are seeing your babies face for the very first time! Ahhh I will be refreshing all day!

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  13. I hope you can get a little sleep tonight!!! Will be hitting refresh all day... It doesn't matter as we know she is beautiful already will steal your heart even more. Have the tissues on y desk just waiting.. Linda

  14. I can't wait either! I'll be checking in!

  15. SO happy and excited for you!!!
    what a great moment is gonna be...

  16. Thinking of you this morning as I'm sure you are heading out for your first glimpses of your sweet babies' face. :0)


  17. Yeah! Can't wait to see pictures of your Hannah here in Brooklyn, NY!



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