Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank you Michelle and K1!

Thank you, thank you Michelle and K1 for all you did to create such a wonderful day yesterday! I couldn't believe how excited I was for yesterday to arrive and looked forward to it from the moment you shared the invitation with me. Numerous times each day last week I'd find myself figuring out how long it was until Sunday afternoon. After years and years of dreaming of becoming a Mom (and many of those fully believing that that dream would never come true due to being single) I couldn't believe that yesterday was a day celebrating my daughter coming home soon!! I had to stop putting on my make-up a couple of times to wipe away tears of happiness and then reapply the makeup once again. :o)

It was a treat to drive to the shower with K1! Given her current state of having 2 precious little lives so close to joining the world I felt it was only appropriate that I be fully prepared. When we met up I had a towel, scissors, string, a baggie of water (that I said were ice chips that hadn't lasted the trip), a kettle (not sure where I thought I'd get electricity but I know in the movies they always say to boil water!) and 2 diapers. I only have size 3 diapers in my house so I guess I was planning on K1 giving birth to 2 15 lb babies! :o) Shhhh....we won't share that part with her! We laughed together and the fun of the day was just beginning!

I started to giggle though as K1 and I walked to the front door of Michelle and Mark's home and saw a 'Baby Shower' sign in the door. I'm sure anybody looking at us would have thought the shower was for the beautifully pregnant woman rather than her friend walking beside her, showing ner ye a sign of pregnancy! :o) It really was quite humerous!

From the moment we walked into the house Michelle was the hostess with the mostess! There were yummy nibblies on any flat surface that could be found and decorations abounded. It was so neat to look around and see all the fun things that Michelle had used to decorate for this special day! K1 and I arrived early and enjoyed spending time with Michelle and Mark before he made himself scarce for much of the shower. He's a great guy but an afternoon of 'girl talk' would be a lot for any guy to handle.

Friends began to arrive around 1:00 and we were off! Laughing, joking, sharing stories of our waits, learning massive amounts about attachment from Liz and listening in awe and amazement to the story of Karen's recent whirlwind trip to Ethiopia to bring home her adorable son Denver.

Michelle had also prepared a beautiful lunch of sandwiches and salads. What a treat! For dessert she had made a delicious chocolate cake with straberry filling. I still find seeing Hannah's name in print takes my breath away!!

After lunch I opened their most generous gifts and was humbled by their generosity! Thank you for arranging for the group gift K1! It's perfect!!!

Once again we chatted and chatted and I couldn't believe it when it was 6:00 before the first people needed to leave! I had no idea it was that late as time with these precious friends just flies by!!

Michelle and K1...THANK YOU! The day was perfect and I appreciate more than you know all that you did to make is such a great day!!


  1. You are MOST welcome and VERY deserving of everything!!

    We are thrilled beyond belief for you! Now we just need a picture to see Hannah's face!

    C'mon referrals!!

  2. HOW totally deserve it girly..
    Hope this week goes by super fast..
    Ready to see Sweet little Hannah..

  3. It was a complete pleasure to have a special day in your honour. There are SO many people who are holding their collective breaths just waiting to see you become a mom. You are SO deserving of all things wonderful and we are blessed to call you friend.

  4. Catherine you are so deserving of this and so much more.

    Love and blessings, Kristy

    p.s. ck you email

  5. Hi Catherine! I was missing Savannah (who is at Disneyland with my parents!)and I know the Salsa girls will make me laugh and remind me of funny thing Savannah does and saw your picture so I hopped over to see how close you are to Hannah and WOW!!! congrats on pretty much being in labor now!I will be watching and am sure M3 will post the happy news on her blog too but wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and excitement must be growing and growing and you are so ready to shout to the world about your precious daughter! Sending you more sunshine thoughts from California!!!and hope your wait is almost done! HUGS!!!! Savannah's mommy-Kristina

  6. You deserve every special moment and more! I laughed out loud at your prep have such a great sense of humour!

    Keep smilin!

  7. What fun Catherine - I can't wait for that day to come!! Love the carseat and all the other cute gifts!


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