Friday, August 21, 2009

Never a Dull Moment!!

One minute I was enjoying a walk through the hospital halls with Grandpa and the next we returned to his room to hear my cell ringing. I picked it up to hear my brother encouraging me to head home as quickly as possible as there were terrible storms in the area and funnel clouds reported in cities not too far from us. The original plan had been for my brother Dave and his wife Trish and I to meet at the Marble Slab for ice cream about an hour later. If Dave and Trish were cancelling our ice cream date I knew this was serious! :o) Grandpa encouraged me to go to avoid the 'rain' (as all I'd told him was that there was quite a rain storm coming so as not to worry him about Grandma) and I made my way to the car.

Within moments of turning on the radio I quickly realized that just as Dave had said, this was no common storm!! The music radio stations had been preempted by weather stations and all were warning to take immediate cover and head to the basement as quickly as possible. Uh oh! I was still 20 mins from home. I called my parents as well as Sharon and Larry to make sure they had heard the news. We quickly decided that I'd head to Grandma's house and hang out with her in her basement so that she was not alone. All the time this is happening I'm realizing that Hannah day could be TOMORROW!! Was it really too much to ask the stork to fly through a tornado? Truly I don't think so!!

It was quite the storm I tell you! For the most part I enjoy a good thunderstorm but this wasn't normal. When the people at the radio station say this is the worst storm that they've ever encountered and are currently under their desks for safety, you know you're in for a doozie!! I was now 10 mins from Grandma's, funnel clouds were reported less than 10kms away and oh yah...the Flip was rolling capturing my drive just in case anything exciting happened! :o)

Very quickly many areas lost power, the sky turned a dark, slightly brownish/green colour, rain came down in droves and I knew I had to get to Grandma quickly!

I arrived and joined her in the basement. She knew there was a storm but wasn't aware of the severity of it and I wasn't telling her! We shared a wonderful hour in the basement sharing stories, reading sale flyers from the newspaper via flashlight and basically just pretending nothing much was happening. The basement was really quite quiet and we didn't know the severity of the storm and it was a wonderful haven for us.

Once things rolled over we went upstairs and she decided it would be a good night to take Sharon up on her offer and spend the night there. We all felt better knowing she wouldn't be home alone without electricity. As she was packing for the night she commented, 'oh, those poor women in labour right now.' I jokingly tossed back...'That's me!!' THE CALL could come tomorrow and I had no power (along with 70,000 other homes), my cell was down to 2 bars and **GASP!!!** I had NO WAY to check Rumor Queen to find out the status of referrals!!! That was the worst part! Whatever was I going to do??

I took Grandma to Sharon and Larry's and they invited me to stay too. Why not? Let's make this a party! I ran home, grabbed a few things and hunkered down here for the night. Sleep was not to come easily as you can well imagine. All I could think about was how far would I have to drive in the wee hours of the morning for an Internet connection to get my RQ fix? Or, would it really be wrong to call M3 at 3:00am her time to ask her to check RQ for me??? Truly, I think not! Heh...thanks friend!!

As I'm pretty sure you've guessed by now, my alternate plans will not be needed as power came back on around 12:30am. Phew!! That was an answer to prayers for so many reasons!! Guess I can cancel my 'What if they cancel work tomorrow?'plans!! Oh well, it was fun to dream while it lasted.

1. The cell is charging
2. 'THE CALL' list is in my purse, in the car, on my desk and often in my hands too
3. The 'Flip' is charged and ready to go
4. RQ is being refreshed at an alarming rate considering how many people are doing as they should...sleeping!!
5. My heart is being lifted in prayer for Hannah over and over
6. My mind is saying, 'Go to Bed!' and my body is saying, 'Yah, right! For what??' You're in labour chickie and your baby could quite possibly arrive later TODAY!!!

Who's up for an all-nighter???


  1. I am glad everyone is ok and hope property damage is minimal. How scary, but what a fun "labor" story.

    I am keeping everything crossed that tomorrow is Hannah Day.

  2. I'm glad that you're ok and that the power came back on. The tornadoes landed 20 minutes from our house...

  3. Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed that tomorrow is your day!

    (That sounded like some storm!!)


  4. I too didn't sleep at all last night but I had no idea why. Now I know it's because it was the night before Hannah day.

    I laughed about the image of the stork flying through a tornado. Too cute! It was for sure a scary storm and I'm glad you and your loved ones are safe and sound. And I'm pretty sure because it didn't last too long, that the stork still got some good flying time in there.

    Now bring on that referral!!!


  5. I pulled an all niter. We had so many reports of trees down and the sky was the strangest colour !!

    Glad you are safe and that today is the day !!

  6. That storm was CRAZY!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the stork made it through alright & you get the call today! I'll check in often :)

  7. What a crazy night. Wow!

  8. The kids and I actually went to look outside and take pictures because it was all so eerily green! We got a bit of rain and some thunder/lightning, but not much doing in our area, thankfully. I didn't even know about the tornadoes until my mother, who saw it on the news, called to see if we were okay. Hoping to hear all about Hannah today!!


  9. Thanking the Lord that you and your loved ones were safe through the storm. Praying that today is your day! Saw your comment on RQ this morning, am so excited for you!!!

  10. Life IS keeping you on your toes. Glad that you are all okay. Come on Hannah call we're all waiting for you.

  11. It was quite the storm last night - glad you are safe! Okay I seriously CAN'T wait to see Hannah's picture!!! I went to RQ this morning and just knew you would be the first one on there! LOL

    waiting on pins and needles...hoping for today!

  12. It's been a while since I commented on your blog but I've been praying for you! I'm hoping you get a call today about your sweet little girl.

    Come on Mr. Stork - fly!! We all need to see Hannah's beautiful face!


  13. I heard about it and thought about you Tdot folk. Good to hear that all is well and you have power again.

    And you can call me anytime day or night! Seriously...always here for you!

    Hope that the labour ramps up and you receive your call.

    Stork thru a tornado...snort!

    Keep smilin!

  14. WOW! How exciting! I'm glad everyone is safe. What a great story for Hannah.

  15. I have heard that you are going to be a momma anytime now!!!
    I came over to see if there was any news.

  16. That was a wild night of labor for you, it's about to get even more exciting!!! I am tuned in, I don't want to miss out! Life is just always full of surprises! I am praying hard for today to be the day, come on stork, a little rain can't stand between Hannah and her Mommy!!!

  17. Happy you are all okay after that storm...yikes!

    Hopefully this will be Hannah day!

    :) Gail

  18. That's a crazy story! Glad everyone is safe from the storm.

    I've been checking here and RQ waiting for news. Very excited for you and can't wait to see Hannah's face. :)

  19. So our Minneapolis tornado might have made its way up to you! Sounds like a lot of adventure.

    Can't wait to read the great news about Hannah!

  20. Praying, today will be the day. 'Cause I don't know how you will make it through the weekend without her.

    Jill xx

  21. Hopefully today is your day! Just saw on RQ that referrals have started arriving in Europe!! Not long now!!!

  22. That really was quite a storm! It will make a great story to tell Hannah! Now come on Hannah!!!! I keep checking your blog for a referral! Suzanne

  23. If you need a computer checker girl in the middle of the night, you CALL me and I will leap out of bed and get on that computer!!

  24. I should have chatted with you last night while I was up in the middle of the night with a crazy thunder and lightening storm here as well!! It woke Carter up and we were up for hours together! Wowsers!

    I'm so excited for you and praying hard!!

  25. Goodness Gracious girl! You know how to have an adventure, don't you?

    Hoping that referrals come fast!!!

  26. Wow! Glad you all are okay! Looking forward to your good news :)


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