Sunday, August 16, 2009

Showered with Family Love!! Part I

This weekend my parents and I travelled about 4 1/2 hours from home and spent a wonderful weekend surrounded by the love of family! The majority of our family lives in the Windsor area which is just across the border from Detroit, MI. My mom, cousin Bridget and Aunt Marg arranged to host a baby shower for Hannah there and it was absolutely wonderful! I love that my mom and dad's families know each other after spending much time together over the years so it was an added blessing to share Hannah's shower with all of them together.

Bridget had asked if I had any ideas of what theme I would like for the shower. She had thought about pink or ladybugs and I thought they were both wonderful ideas so she took it from there. The decorations were great and the cake...oh my, the cake!!! It was nothing short of gorgeous and looked like something I've only seen on TV. Thank you Bridget and Molly for choosing the cake and helping design it. It was GORGEOUS and oh so yummy too!! The top layer was white cake with a custard and fresh strawberries as a filling. The bottom layer was chocolate with chocolate mousse filling. Mmmmm! Bridget told me that when she ordered the cake she shared my story with them. When she went to pick it up she was told that all the ladies in the back who were working on the cake were told the story of Hannah's adoption and the longer than anticipated wait and they were all crying as they baked and decorated it. was made with love for sure!! (After lifting this cake, I also have a whole new appreciation for those on Ace of Cakes and how heavy the large cakes must be!

Bridget designed a neat game where she found a number of famous people who have been adopted, figured out their Chinese zodiac signs and then had us guess what each person's sign was. It was fun. Hannah will most likely be either a Rat or an Ox. We'll know soon!! Aunt Marg and Mom bought wonderful door prizes and each person left with a gift to remember Hannah's shower. I'm so glad that they will have these memories. 4 people were able to take home the beautiful roses that decorated the tables. They know my love of flowers and how I've celebrated each log in date with flowers so it was neat how she incorporated these into the day too!

With the shower being in the summer, understandably some of my family were not able to attend but many were there and I'm so thankful for the time we spent together celebrating Hannah's upcoming arrival! You have all been so loving, caring and supporting during the wait and I am excited to share her referral with each of you!!

Here are some of my precious family who celebrated Hannah yesterday!!


Molly and Bridget

Aunt Sharon, Aunt Marg and Aunt Elaine

Joann and Erica

Michele and Aunt Elaine

Kadie and Jessie

Rachel, Aunt Elaine and Erica

Aunt Cheri

Me, Aunt Chris, Aunt Louise, Mom and Aunt Marg

Mom, Aunt Marg and Bridget THANK YOU so much for creating such a special day!!! It was absolutely perfect!!

It's now almost 1:45am Monday morning and I'm going to try and get a little sleep before checking to see if referral calls are being made in Europe! Oh wow...these next few days are going to be


  1. Makes you just love seeing family, eh?

  2. Oh wow - looks like a great day - lots of great decorations and great people. So many family members anticipating Hannah's arrival and ready to welcome her home with so much love. What a blessing.


  3. So happy for you! There is nothing like the support and love family and special friends can share. You and Hannah are so fortunate!

  4. How very special, Catherine!!! Everything looks so fun. What a great day...

  5. SOOOO excited for you!!!

    Been following you for I get a "blogger auntie" award. (among the other hundred or so blogger aunties...)


  6. BEAUTIFUL... Looks like a wonderful day..
    Congrats.. this week is going to be hard on the waiting...
    Hugs..I am waiting with ya..

  7. Just lovely! What a special event.

    Keep smilin!


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