Thursday, August 27, 2009

Radio Dedication Request **Updated**

I've dreamed of doing this for over 3 years and tomorrow could be the day it happens it I'm selected!!

If you live in the Toronto area you might want to tune in to CHFI 98.1 at 8:00am tomorrow (Friday) morning. Each morning there is a 'Feel Good Favourite' request and I called in, shared a bit about the excitement our adoption group of families is experiencing and told them that we anticipated seeing our babies faces for the very first time tomorrow!! (It's looking more and more like it might be the weekend as we haven't heard any more about the status of the translations but I'm still holding out hope!!)

I'm not sure they'll play my request but they just might. It's a unique story so that might encourage them to play it and also, I've been sharing my adoption journey with one of the morning show hosts as she has a friend with 2 daughters from China. It will be fun to listen and find out!

If you don't live in the Toronto area you can still listen in by clicking here (8:00am EST) and selecting the 'Listen Now' link.

The feel good favourite of the day needs to be an up-tempo, happy song so I chose Karen Carpenter's, 'Top of the World.' That's exactly where I am knowing that I'll soon be gazing at pictures of my precious daughter Hannah!!!

They played my dedication!!! So cool! They changed the song but the one they chose, 'Baby, Baby!' by Amy Grant was perfect!! I caught it on my Flip and hope to post it later today. It was neat that the DJ's were touched by our story. Cool!!


  1. OMW.. I can't wait to see her pretty little face..
    Only thing is I have to wait to see her till I get home...
    I will not make it..LOL..
    Sooo happy for you girly...

  2. You have to Flip record it if they play your request!!! I can not listen...I am in a metro at that time. I am sure they will play is a big Feel Good story.

    Keep smilin!

  3. Now how cool would that be!!! I hope they pick you!

  4. Well... I've just finished Friday! Sucks to be almost a whole day ahead of you!!! :) Will be checking in on the sweet Hannah, whilst I eat my breakfast, tomorrow morning!!

    In advance - HUGS TO YOU CATHERINE! "Hannah is adorable..." (I wanted to be the first to say it - but know I'll be sleeping when the first one, that's seen Hannah, says it!!!)

  5. Yes love the fact we can sit her in Australia at 9.30pm Friday night and listen to Toronto Friday 7.30am radio show - can't wait to see the pic of your new little one Catherine. You will be an awesome mummy!!

  6. Just got the end of the song and her talking about you guys! Very cool! What a great way to start the day!

  7. I am hoping and praying that today is the day you see Hannah!!! Friday is finally here! Hope the flip is charged and camera is ready!!! Oh, come on agency, you have made Catherine wait way to long!! Mike told me this morning that there was no way he would have made it a week!

  8. Man, I really must be thinking about Hannah A LOT! Last night I had a dream that you posted her picture. In my dream, she was BEAUTIFUL!!! So now I can't wait to see her face!


  9. What a great song for such a moment!!
    Keeping fingers and toes crossed for today!!

  10. i'm so disgusted! i'm in a hotel right now and today, of ALL days i won't have computer access after about 20 minutes (on the road).

    i won't see hannah until MONDAY!!!

  11. i can only imagine the excitement you are feeling - i find myself jumping on here every day to see what is happening - can't wait to see the photo's of you wee angel

  12. Oh, I wish I had been up to hear it! We're an hour behind you, and Maya was awake for an hour in the night. Would have been REALLY early!!! Good luck today - I'll be watching your blog!

    Lori A.

  13. At exactly 8 a.m. this morning, I was dropping off dear friends at the airport as they head off this morning to China to get their darling daughter.

    Sure hope someone will post the clip.

    I thought maybe you'd request First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, but I guess that's pretty mellow for "morning drive" music.

    Can't wait to see Hannah's face.

    Lee in Ontario (no longer a lurker since I've now posted twice)

  14. I keep checking hoping todays the day and the radio plays your song!!!

  15. Catherine I heard the radio this morning, how wonderful to hear to speak about your new daughter. I can't wait to see little Hannah's picture. I know how truly wonderful it was to finally see Macy's picture.

  16. So cool they played a song for you and told your we wait for those precious pictures!

  17. Can't wait to "meet" Hannah by photo. :)

    I'll be thinking and praying for you today!


  18. How exciting that they played it, although how could they not, hearing your story?! I'm so exciting for today or tomorrow to see Hannah's picture. I can't stop refreshing it's like waiting for your referral all over again!

  19. I can't wait for you to post the recording! Baby Baby is an awesome song!

    Oh gosh, I have goosebumps here.

    I still cannot believe that you haven't seen your daughters face yet. What agency makes you wait like that?! It is a sin to make you wait like this.

    Jill xx

  20. That is so wonderful!! Of course they were touched by your story! I am sure you are aching to get your eyes on your darling's picture!!!!!!! Will be thinking of you and what an incredible moment it will always be for you. Enjoy!

  21. Wish I had seen this post earlier this morning!

    Huge congrats :)

  22. ok, I can't imagine your anticipation...I have checked your site at least 5 times today!
    I am so excited for you

    single mom waiting in MN

  23. ok.. just hurried home to see Hannah's sweet face..
    Did you get her photo yet????
    I know you have to be going crazy...


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