Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Morning Update

It's now Friday morning here in Canada which means it's Friday evening in China. So far, all is quiet on the referral front. Nothing appears to have happened in Europe overnight which leads me to believe that I won't hear anything until Monday at the earliest.

This weekend is a family shower so it will be a weekend full of family, fun, travel and so much more. I would love to have more information about Hannah to share with them but I know that they'll be super excited just knowing her referral is so very, very close!

I have to share one funny story with you that happened yesterday. A group of the girls from work were at a local restaurant for lunch. During lunch my cell phone rang and the girls jumped into action! Two grabbed for my purse to find the Flip video camera, one grabbed her own phone and aimed it at me to begin filming and one was grabbing for her phone to call Norma in the office to have her come over. It didn't end up being 'The Call' but it sure was fun to see them all share in the excitement and do their part! They're living every moment of this with me as we're working side by side in a test room so they've put up with a lot as my giddiness can be exhausting at times I'm sure! They do their part to keep me humble though by hiding my stuff on a regular basis and pelting me with paper snowballs just for the fun of it! They're a crazy bunch so I fit right in! Trust me, throwing paper snowballs is a great stress release when I feel like I'm on pins and needles and begin to shake each time my cell phone rings!

Next week Sharon has invited me to the trailer for a few days. Does she truly know what she's asking?? LOL!! I warned her I may be a giddy, excited, emotional mess and she said she's up for the job! She's well trained(?) in using the Flip (see below) so it's all good! This was our first 'accidental taping' and we didn't know it was recording. We've practiced since this taping and are all set to go!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Next week is Hannah week!!! WHEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I come to your site every morning to see how you are holding up! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see that Hannah moment! It is going to be incredible. I love the story of how all the girls were ready! I thought I would be ready but then got the suprise call of our life and was so unprepared (after 3.5 years, how did that happen?!) I just can't wait to see your beautiful daughter! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and try to relax, your life is about to take a major change! Sending hugs your way!

  2. Just back from walking the dogs and had to see what might be here.. lol. I will still check obsessively today, even though your referral will likely come Monday.

    I love the story about the phone ringing. I reminds me of waiting for our referral and how edgy and distracted I was waiting for that phone call while I was trying to teach 24 10 year olds... ahhh memories.

    Enjoy your day and try to focus on something... anything today.


  3. Congrats about being united with Hannah soon. Go away and try to enjoy your time and trust that in God's time you will see Hannah's face very soon. But guard your heart, next week might be the week, but it might not be please don't vest too much in expecting next week either...I believe you will 'know' when the call is going to come...probably because of RQ..

    ctg (who knew via RQ too)..

  4. i have been coming to your blog every day to see if you have gotten your referral has come in yet! i actually get butterflies in my stomach waiting for page to load! i adopted my kids as well, not from china but from texas,but i know the anticapation. i love the story about your friends thinking you were getting the friends were the same way. i couldn't even put my phone down when we were waiting! i love your blog - i admire your patience. Hannah sure is one lucky little girl to have a super mama like you!

  5. How much do we need to pay your co-workers to follow you EVERYWHERE for the next week till you get that call????!!! lol ;-) I LOVE how ready they were to capture your big moment!! I pray you are surrounded by that love and friendship when the call really does come in!!! WISH it could be ME there with you!!!! (((HUGS)))

    Last weekend you'll have to go through without knowing about your baby girl!!!! :-) (Well hopefully!!!) lol ;-)

    LOVE you friend!!!!

  6. I keep checking here...


    I'm throwing a paper swoball at the screen just for you!! Have a great weekend - it's your last without knowing Hannah's face!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  7. Hee hee! They are ready with military precision! I think you should practice using the Flip with a practice drill of them getting set up.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy your shower!

    Keep smilin!

  8. Hey, Bloglines isn't telling my when you update your blog. What a inconvenient week for THAT to happen!

    Next week! Amazing!!!! I'm on pins and needles!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  9. I cannot believe it is finally here. Yeehaw!!!!

  10. I've been checking in constantly. Can't wait to see her face, AND yours! :)

  11. I also meant to say, the executive director of our agency, 'Children's Bridge' invited us to her house tonight, to meet Ms. Chu Xiaoying, deputy director general of CCAA. Yep, she is in Ottawa at the moment. How cool is that!

    Actually there are 5 delegates from CCAA going to be there, they are interested in seeing some of the children that came through the 'green stream' program.

    Should I ask any questions for you?!! :)

    Jill xx

  12. We keep checking RQ then pop over to you and see if there are any updates - our computer is in for quite the workout - this is so exciting - we are on pins and needles just waiting -
    lots of hugs your way to help you through the next little while.
    Andrea, Wes and Sarah

  13. sounds like you are going to have a great weekend.. will keep your somewhat busy.. I am ready for Monday.. bring on Hannah..

  14. I know your heart has to be full of butterflies as you anxiously await next week. Holy cow.. NEXT WEEK you will see the sweet face of the child God has chosen just for you!! I can't wait to check the computer and see her beautiful face!
    Hugs from Maddy and I and prayers too for a peaceful and enjoyable weekend.

  15. I check now everyday:) I love the story about your girlfriends jumping into action when your cell phone rang!! Too sweet:) Hang in there!!

  16. Glad to know that everyone around you is prepared for the big day!! I cannot wait!!

  17. I am so glad it is finally your turn now. I read your blog frequently and always thought you will make a great mom. Fingers and toe crossed for you.

  18. I think this is the first weekend in a LONG time that I have been disappointed that it was a weekend. Weekends mean no more news for a few days and I was really hoping for something this week.

    Next week is a great week to be Hannah week!!

  19. I found you from the salsa family. I remember when my sis was waiting for her daughters (now 9 & 5), I was a nervous wreck as an aunt. Same as you, my whole office was waiting with me. they even threw me an Aunt baby shower, cause I went with my sis to china.

    Gifts were great......purse carry along toilet seat covers, lots of purse packs of hand wipes, hand sanitizer, pepto bismal, dramamnine for the flight, little bottles of vodka, and lots and lots of film.

    When we got the referral pic (notice i said we, hmmm), I put it in a frame and carried it around with me for 6 weeks. I went shopping and couldn't leave the framed pic in the car, cause it was a hot day. Man, I was a nutcase.

    Can't wait to see Hannah ! Oh wouldn't it be funny if you were referred a boy, or twins !!


  20. Wow, do we remember jumping every time the phone rang! Get ready!!! I know you won't sleep Sunday night!!


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