Saturday, August 15, 2009

Check it out!! **Updated**

Check out all the excitement over on K1's blog!!! So exciting!! Praying for you friend! Cannot wait to see a family pic and be introduced to your beautiful babies!!!

**Updated Sunday**
Kathy and Joel's babies have arrived safely. Keep an eye on their blog for the official announcement!!


  1. Hi Catherine. My name is Brenda - friend of Alison's. I have been following your blog and wish for you such joy in the near future. You are such a sweet, charming person - Hannah will be so blessed to have you for a mom. I follow 2 Kayaks and The Twinadoes in California- where I live - because of your blog also. I feel like I know all of you and it's such a pleasure to read 3 really uplifting blogs.

  2. I sooo can not wait to see those cuties..
    You better be ready girly cause we are next to see your little girl..


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