Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Single Digits!!!

Wheee!!! Should Hannah's referral arrive on the 'most likely' day of Friday, August 21, 2009 then we're down to single digits!! Can you believe it?!!

I know that this date is far from set in stone as referral batches arrive on a whole variety of days but it sure is fun to have one particular day to think about and fictitiously aim for! Referral batches can arrive anywhere between 19 and 38 days apart but the most common timeframe between batches is 31 days which is where I'm grabbing the Fri, Aug 21st date from.

There are still no rumours about matching yet which will proceed the referrals being mailed. August 12, 2008 is a day that my cousin Bridget and I will remember forever and for the longest time was the day we both thought Hannah was born. I'm not sure about that now but am wondering if today is the day that Hannah and I will be matched together in China? For those who have 'been there, done that' do you find out the actual match date when you receive your child's referral? The wait continues and oh how exciting it is!!!

Also, for any who may have missed guessing Hannah's Date of Birth and what Province she's living in, it's not too late!! Click here and enter the contest!

Counting down to referral and oh baby we're counting single digits!!!


  1. Single digits!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!! The day is nearing and your life will forever be altered. Can't wait to share this part of your journey with you!

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  3. Hey Catherine

    I am pretty sure that there is not another expectant mom out there with more people praying and watching for THE day! Your optimism and faith and attitude and just... YOU are an inspiration and admired by so many people. There will be many tears of joy shed when you finally have Hannah's picture to show the world.
    Single digits! I can't wait!

  4. Single digits is something to celebrate for sure!!

    As far as finding out the date you are matched I looked on all our paper work and didn't find that info. I'm sure if you asked your agency rep they might have more access to that info.

    Here's to counting down the days!! We're soooo excited for you!!!

  5. Getting close... I thought I saw something on RQ that Europe was receiving referrals?? Might have read that wrong though.... I know, can't believe everything you read, but I pray that means something is "in the air" soon for you guys!!! SOON SOON SOON!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you girl~!!

  6. well, my agency website says they believe they are working on the next set of matches :O) so, that's good news!!

  7. YEA.... Single digits..
    I am soooo Excited..
    Can't wait..

  8. I saw "matching" and thought of you. I had to come over say I will be thinking of you Catherine.



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