Monday, July 14, 2008

Wela...This One's For You!

Mary-Mia and I received a phone earlier tonight followed about an hour later by an email teasing us because we'd been together for more than 24 hours and there were no pictures or stories posted yet. What's up with that? Wela (MM's amazing Mom) was encouraging us to post...and then pulled out the big guns and threatened to give the Apricot Dream Bars she'd made to Grambob if we didn't post so we knew she meant business! Wela makes the best Apricot Dream Bars so we knew that it was high time to put a post together. Wela, this one's for you friend! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!

After leaving GA bright and early Sunday morning (post to come sharing the GA fun to come later) I arrived in CA later that morning. It seems that I'd been up for hours and people were still saying 'good morning.' The fun of travelling through multiple time zones. As I flew from GA to CA there was a map on the screen in front of me showing what state we were flying over/near. It was so neat to think of the many bloggy friends I have made and while I flew I took time to pray for you and also to thank God for you. What a blessing you are!

Mary-Mia and I headed home and the girls and Rod arrived soon after that. They were shy for a few seconds and then they jumped in my lap and we got to know one another again. It's fun that they're a little older as they remember our visit from earlier this year.

The girls had a nap in the afternoon and I must admit to taking one too. When I woke up the girls came in for a visit, brought their baby dolls too and I began to wonder if there would be room for me to sleep last night?

After nap time we headed outside where the girls played in the pool and enjoyed the beautiful day. Marie testing out the waters.

Rosie playing with the sprinkler.

Mamma catching all the fun times.

The girls moved inside where there were lots of baby dolls just waiting to enjoy the fun.

Supper was a yummy dinner of Mexican food followed by 'snow' for dessert. They have a fun little ice shaver and it's a great treat for the kids to enjoy snow for dessert.

Looking forward to a week full of fun with these 2 amazing kiddles and their wonderful mamma and daddy too!

PS: Welcome to all readers who are hopping over from the Salsa Blog. It's funny to watch my stats counter as it goes through the roof while I'm here. Last time the daily hits almost quadrupled and it's happening again this time. Welcome! Hope you enjoy the Salsa fun from the perspective of a friend.


  1. So much fun!!! Can't wait to come and spend some time in two weeks!!!

  2. Oh how fun! I love the picture of the girls "attacking" you on the floor. Enjoy all those snuggles out there!


  3. Hi Catherine!

    I am one of those that reads the salsa blog regularly. I am mostly a lurker but always enjoy seeing how the girls are doing.

    We have a 4 1/2 year old (adopted March 2005) and are LID June 2006 for our 2nd child.

    Thanks for allowing us to see all the fun you're having with the girls. Good luck with your adoption!

  4. Wow - the girls are so beautiful! Have a great time!

    It was so good to see you on Sat! Big hugs from GA!

  5. Sweet faces and fun times. Enjoy!

  6. You always have so much fun.

  7. I hopped over from the Salsa blog. Have a wonderful time visiting your friends! Thanks for the update!

  8. Hi Catherine,

    It was wonderful to see you today even though our visit was much too short. You are great with the Salsa Twins. Hannah is going to be one lucky little sweetie to have you for her mommy.


  9. I hope your time there is as magical as it is when you visit Mickey. Love to you my sweet friend.

    P.S. I can't even stand how cute that babydoll/couch picture is....the belly button flower swim suit--can't take it! :)

  10. i have to say-- ABOUT TIME!!!! i had been checking to see if you posted- but nada-- can't wait to follow you on YOUR journey to your daughter- i know that wait is hard:(


  11. What fun! If you guys wonder over to the Santa Cruz must let me know! I'd love to meet and of course see the salsa team again.

  12. Very, very fun. Now Catherine, not only do you get to spend time with these precious cherubs, but apricot dream bars too???

    Enjoy every moment!


  13. Oh how fun!! I love all the pics! Just think... next year you will be packing for a sweet little one of your own! :)

    Lisa : )

  14. Looks like the girls are having just as much fun as you! Enjoy your time together.

  15. I LOVE that pic of the girls attacking you, beautiful!

  16. Well I also hopped over from MM's blog. And I am going to stick around! I remember you last visit but never realized you are a waiting mommy too! I can't wait to catch up on your whole blog and then fly to China with you to bring Sweet Baby Hannah home! Thanks for sharing with us all!



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