Monday, July 14, 2008

Park Time Fun!

Monday afternoon after nap time (yes, I napped again too. Missing 2 nights of sleep Thursday night and Saturday night to catch 6am flights was kicking my butt! Think I've finally recouped though and am ready to go!) we packed up and headed to the park. Buckets and sand toys in hand we found ourselves a shady place to play and set to having fun! The girls made us lots of yummy sand treats to eat and we did our best to enjoy each and every imaginary bite of them...until we could dump them when the girls weren't looking. No easy feat when there are 2 sets of eyes on us making sure we're enjoying their masterpieces!

After our time at the park we headed home for supper. It was a relaxed fun affair, eating a variety of goodies using the Learning Tower as a way to reach the counter. I tell you, that tower is wonderful!! What a great little piece of goodness to have. We've used it numerous times each day and it's the greatest thing to help children when they're helping mamma cook, want to do crafts at the counter and lots of other things too while staying safe at the same time. Can't say enough about that little invention!!
Here the girls have their hands on their hips as they watch mamma cutting with a knife. They've grown up so much and are AMAZING listeners! What great little kiddles!!!

The girls are sporting their cute little hairbows made for them by Doris. Rosie has yellow bows and

Marie is wearing one of the pink and black bows. Mango is just waiting for Marie to send a treat her way! (Good pic of the learning tower. The 'rule' is at least one foot must be down and they do really well (with the odd reminder) of this. Once again...growing up faster than I can believe!

One of the last events of the day is bath time and teeth brushing time. This night both girls decided that they'd like me to help them with their teeth so they lined up on my legs waiting their turn. Too cute! (Tonight mamma's lap was their lap of choice...they're sharing the love.)

As you can tell, it's fun all 'round! Lots more stories and some adorable videos to share of Tuesday's fun. For now, I'm off to bed. I offered to do baby monitor duty tonight so hoping for a quiet night but if not it will just mean early morning snuggles. Works for me!! G'night all!


  1. glad you are enjoying! I am not surprised though. You always seem to see the best of life.


  2. You fit right in there Catherine . . . like one of the family. Looks like fun!


  3. What fun! Glad they like the bows. I got more where they came from if they want.

    Enjoy all the snad treat and snuggles.

    Keep smilin!

  4. FUN! Give those cuties a hug from me =)

  5. Fun fun! Loving the bows, the pictures and the learning tower!

  6. I might have to give that Doris a call for some CUTE bows!!!! :)

    So....when are you coming to BC to give some "night time monitor duty" here???!! lol Sounds Marvelous!!!! :)

    LOVE ya!! Enjoy the rest of your wonderful week with those Salsa cuties!!!

  7. I don't know how she keeps those hairbows in ....tell her I'm jealous....Emily rips everything off her head.......I get so mad!!!! She wants to be a tomboy!!!! I can't stand it!!!!


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