Sunday, July 27, 2008

3 Word Sunday - July 27, 2008

(Had a post all ready and it 'disappeared' **ugh!!**)

This week I decided to post 2 '3 Word' Pics because I just couldn't decide.

The first is a pic of a fun family event we went to today. I have vivid memories of being a child and sitting in the bleechers with dad watching Drum and Bugle Corp competitions. About a year ago I was surfing the net and came upon the Drum Corps International website. As I followed the announcements of this years tours I found that there was going to be one not too far from home so decided that would be a fun Father's Day gift for dad!

Today Mom, Dad, Rebecca and I travelled to this competition and it was wonderful! It was all we remembered and more! Not only did we relive our memories and discuss things from the past but Rebecca was introduced to something new and she said she really enjoyed it. The pic above is of the winning corp that was from Holland! Now that's quite the commute to compete!

This corp also entertained all of us as we were in awe of them! They are all corp alumni and reformed recently to march as an exhibition corp. They did a GREAT job... especially considering most of them are 60+ and some are even in their 80's! They marched a full program with knees high, instruments finely tuned and had the crowd clapping along! What fun!

My second picture is pretty typical of the summer of 2008. Sunny... storm... sunny... storm... Now, we're not just talking a few drops falling we're talking booming thunder and lots of lightening and then within minutes the sun is back out. I'd wished yesterday I'd counted the number of times these two weather patterns changed places. I know that at least 4 times I unplugged my laptop just to be cautious. How has your summer weather of 2008 been? Normal or different? We've already broken the record for being the raniest summer ever but it's also come with warm temps and lots of sun so that works!


  1. Catherine,

    I read your blog often...but have rarely commented (I know...Lurker R Me!) but....had to comment onthe whole drum and bugle fun! My mom is a bit of a fan...and I really enjoyed attending a few competitions growing up. Thanks for bringing back some good memories!!

    It was fun to follow your Salsa Love Tour much fun for all of you...and it is obvious that those sweet little twinadoes adore the ground Cafrin walks on!!

    Happy Monday!

    Kate (and Lia too!)

  2. Please send some of your rain down to GA! :)

  3. Ya! Way to go Holland!!! Did we expect any different??? (can you tell I'm dutch?) :)

    How fun that you were right around the corner from us at Mac and what a delightful surprise to answer the phone and hear your voice on the other end! Thanks for making my day.

    As for the rain . . . well, at least it's not raining all day, everyday. I'm loving the fact that everything is lush and green as opposed to the dead brown grass we're used to seeing every summer! And as long as we get some play time outside . . . I'm a happy camper - the best of both worlds! :) (oh, but I could do without the thunder and lightening shows we've been having)

    See ya soon.


  4. Fun times! I have watched those competitions on t.v. but in person must be even better.

    I am too very much over the rain!

    Keep smilin!

  5. Sounds like a great day at the drum and bugle competition....there is a pretty large one in our town every draws a very large crowd!

    We must be getting the same weather you are....we have had a ton of rain this summer and we have had some really terrible storms the last two days....our poor dog will not come out from under the bed......rain, rain, go away!

    Great 3 words!!


  6. well I drove home to MD from PA and it was down pouring the whole 3 and 1/2 hours!!! YUCK!!!

  7. Our weather has been just the same as yours (go figure! ha ha)
    It's been one crazy summer so far. Where's the heat & humidity gone?! It's just not July without the sauna-like weather we normally get! (although I have to admit I love a good thunder storm!)

  8. I've never seen those competitions, but it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun (and what great memories too).

    And I LOVE a good summer storm, we get plenty of those here being the lightning capital!

  9. Storms... NO FUN..
    Band... LOTS of FUN.
    I use to play in the band also...
    LOVED it..
    Have a Great Week...


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