Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tips & Tricks: Putting 'Things' Into Timeout

Today's tip is that 'things' can go into timeout. Who knew??

This is sweet little Rosie enjoying her post-nap cuddle time. I tell you, this is one of the very best times of the day! Snuggles, cuddles, giggles and hugs. Ah, it's a good thing!

Now, you can see in this pic that Rosie is enjoying her milk in a sippy cup. Would you believe there were times when sippy cups would somehow toss themselves onto the floor, covering a few feet in to process? The girls both know that sippys are not to be thrown and there is no question what will happen next. Rather than a 'timeout' for the child as this really is a minor thing that just needs to be handled, Mary-Mia would reach down, pick up the sippy and place it in the middle of the counter and the announcement gently made, 'Sippy is not to be thrown. Sippy is in timeout.'

Wow! What a great way to get a point across. There was normally a quick fuss by the girl who'd been holding the offending sippy but soon enough she was on her way, the point was made that sippys are not to be tossed and in a few minutes it was placed back at a level where she could reach it when she was ready. Guess what? That sippy didn't get thrown again.

Another day when lasagna was being used as a squishy toy rather than supper, Mary-Mia just reached across and picked up the plate and moved it to the centre of the table gently saying, 'Your supper is in timeout. Supper is for eating, not for playing.' Again brief, quiet protests and then nothing. A minute or so later supper was given back and playing with it was forgotten and she ate it right up!

I was so glad to learn this lesson as it's a great way to deal with situaions that need to be handled and a point made but are not major enough for something like a timeout for a little girl. There was no need for, 'Don't throw your sippy again.' or 'No, don't throw that.' It was all handled in a very positive manner and yet the point was very clear and the girls understood.

I'll be using this someday for sure!


  1. My dear Catherine, you will have your own tips before too long with your lovely Hannah.

    love, Wela

  2. I NEVER would have thought to do this... and will be committing this to memory!

  3. What a great idea! That Mary-Mia is one amazing mom!

  4. I knew I always liked M3's parenting style....what a brilliant idea!!

    I'll be adding this one to the repetoire...


  5. I'm liking this tip Catherine. Simple and effective.

  6. Great idea! What age where the girls when she started doing this?

  7. That Mary Mia is some parent...You can certainly tell by how Happy the girls look. Linda

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  9. Oh my, thanks for posting this. Jensen throws everything and I think we have finally found the solution. Thanks a million:)


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