Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Too Brief a Visit

Tuesday morning while we were still partying upstairs in my room, 'Good Morning' was called out from downstairs and the girls took off with a chorus of 'Wela....Bob Bob!' Happiness, glee, jumping, and squeals of excitement as the girls scampered downstairs as quickly as their little legs could carry them!

I'd had the priviledge of meeting Mary-Mia's mom during my visit in February and immediatly fell in love with this awesome lady. We have fun together, laugh togehter and oh yah....tease one another in love. We can both dish it out and we can both take it! Even tonight when Mary-Mia was talking to her on the phone she was teasing me from afar. Love you Wela! Can't wait until we see one another again!

The girls helped us start our day the very best way by making us a fresh pot of coffee; even grinding their own beans. Yum!

While the coffee was brewing, BobBob and the girls cracked open a packaged muffin mix and set to work making banana muffins to have with our coffee.

I tell you...nothing but the finest at this great B&B!

Here Rosie is helping with the baking but keeping an eye on what's happening elsewhere on the counter.

Wela and Rosie sharing a moment wearing their adorable hats. Can you tell from these pics how much fun the girlies have when Wela and BobBob show up?

Mary-Mia and I took the opportunity to head to Tar-jay and do some shoppy shoppy. We only dented the store in the hour we were there but still managed to walk out with a number of bags of shopping goodness. I was also able to update my baby registry there and add some items suggested by Mary-Mia. It's always best to revise baby registries with moms in the know...especially one with twins!

In this pic poor BobBob is taking a well desserved rest after many rounds of 'Ring Around Marie and Rosie.'

Now, I'm sure many of you are wondering how the Apricot Dream Bars were. Well, I'd love to tell you...except they were forgotten on the kitchen counter when the grandparents headed out bright and early to visit their little girls!! Whaaat? No dream bars?? Wela did manage to give us a small bag of 6 bars (snatched out of the unsuspecting grasp of a friend) that lasted until ummm...2pm. What's up with that Wela??? (See...we love to tease one another and I told her she'd hear about the missing Apricot Bars!) Still love you sweetie and it just means I need to come back or you need to take your Model T on a trip to Ontario! They both work!

Wela did more than make up for the missing bars though when she gave this wonderful gift to Hannah! Hannah is now all set with everything Mommy will need to make adorable Bento meals for her! Thanks Wela! Cannot wait to use all the fun things you gave us to cook up some fun food for my little sweetie. She also included a bag of their dried apricots. They are wonderful!!

Wela and're amazing! Cannot wait until we get together again!!


  1. Catherine,

    The apricot dream bars are in the freezer. Drive to my house and get them and eat them all.

    god thing someone is posting new pics, thanks.


  2. Special visit with special friends. A hoot and a half!

    Sweet pressies...ya gotta show me how to make the bento creations now!

    Keep smilin!

  3. What fun! Love spending time with good people.

  4. What an amazing trip you had! I'm with 3D, we're coming to your place for a bento box demo. ;)

  5. Bring those apricot dream bars home and share them with ME!


  6. Wela and Grandbob look like so much fun! I wanna come play with them... and I'm 30(something)!!!


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