Sunday, February 03, 2008

Salsa Fun...Days 1 and 2!

After a looong day...and night of travelling, I arrived safely at M3 and TubaDad's late Thursday evening. After 3 delayed flights and 1 change of plane due to them 'not quite' being able to fix a panel on the plane, I arrived a mere 21 hours after I'd left my home Thursday morning! Slightly tuckered out but ready for fun.

One of the really neat things that happened this trip was the 2 layovers I had were in places where family and friends lived so I was able to meet them outside the secure aread for visits and then head back through security to catch my next flight. The first layover was in Detroit where my Aunt Louise (left) and Mom,

Dad (left) and Uncle Paul

picked me up and we headed to Bob Evan's for some lunch. As we drove into the driveway, I was reminded of the great time I'd had there in November of 2006 when I'd timidly attended my very first Bloggy Meet-up where I'd met Stacy, Connie and Krista for the very first time! Little did I know at the time that it would be the beginning of so many new adventures and friendships as other bloggy get togethers would happen. What a neat adventure this adoption has turned out to be and so many great friendships have been formed!

My second stopover was in Julie's hometown. She and Tess met me at the airport and we enjoyed a wonderful 1 1/2 hour visit together! What a treat it was to see them and spend time with them!

Julie also brought me a number of clothes that Tess has outgrown and she would like Hannah to have. They're adorable!! Thank you Julie! I'm sure that Hannah will look adorable, just like your sweetie, wearing the outfits you shared with her!

Friday morning I woke up to the delightful sound of little girl giggles and laughter from downstairs. I quickly got up and was just in time to help take the girls to preschool. When they were there M3 and I had an opportunity to catch up with one another and enjoy a coffee at Starbuck's with her friend Maggie. It is SO good to see M3 again and spend time with her. Even though we may not have spent a lot of time together we just picked up where we left off and it's been wonderful!

After picking the girls up at preschool and letting them have their naps (still waking up from naps in this picture)
we headed to Gymboree for some fun and lots of running and climbing. What a great place Gymboree is!



We went out for supper at Buca di Beppo and we'll just let this picture of Ro tell you how much we enjoyed our supper! According to the girls it was lick your plate yummy and we'd have to agree!
It was a wonderful first day together and the fun has just begun!


  1. Catherine,

    Looks like you are having fun!

    I was thinking of you traveling in the storm conditions!



  2. Too much fun!

    The Salsa family are just beautiful. ONE DAY... we will lob up on their doorstep... the girls will probably be teenagers, and we might have a baby by then?!!!

  3. I'm glad you got there safely, even if you were really delayed. Have lots of fun!

  4. Glad you're there safely and having fun!

  5. 21!!

    Looks like you are having a great time!

  6. Lucky You...Having the salsa twins to play with and their mom, theyare all so much fun. Enjoy and keep us posted...Linda

  7. Know what? I just love you. Simply reading about your adventures puts such a smile on my face.

    I am quite enamored of the 'president not princess' tees too. Gotta love a future prez who is PROUD of wearing her dinner.

  8. Ahhh... the memories of our Detroit trip. That was fun wasn't it?

    Give the salsa twins a big smooch from me.

  9. HOW FUN!!!
    Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time...
    LOVE the pictures..
    Have a Great Sunday..

  10. Good to hear that you made it safe and sound. Have a great visit!

    Keep smilin!

  11. So glad you made it there safely. 21 hours though.. training you for the trip home from China one day!

    LOVE that president no princess T's the twins are wearing. Looks like you've had a pretty "spicey" First day. Enjoy!

  12. Making lemonade out of lemon travel days ..... that would be you, Catherine.
    What fun!

  13. Give everyone hugs and kisses for me! Have a great time!

    P.S. - tell M3 I LOVE those tees too!

  14. WWWOOOO HOOOOO! I have to travel with you someday! You have the MOST fun!


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