Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Celebrating 28 Months Closer to Hannah!!!

Wow! Did this month ever fly by! I'm guessing a big part of it was because I was blessed to spend much of it in the company of friends who are in the process of adopting or who have already brought their amazing children home. I tell you, nothing could be better to help with the wait then the fun, laughter, giggles and spending time with precious friends and their adorable cuties!! I've laughed this week at how quiet my house is and more than once I've replayed the 'wake-up Cafrin' video just for the fun of hearing their sweet little voices for a moment.

I must admit that lately Hannah has been on my heart and mind even more than normal. Now trust me, if I go more than an hour or 2 without thinking (and talking) about her that's a l-o-n-g time but right now my heart is turning to her birth. Is she born yet? Will she be born within the next couple of months? I'll know next spring when I receive her referral but until then, my heart hurts to think that my baby girl may now be in an orphanage. Oh how I wish I could bring her home right now! My prayers are that the caretakers would be there for her and that she would be loved, cuddled, comforted, fed and know that she is loved. Trusting God to provide the care she and the others with her need until we are brought together.

My heart also aches for her birth mother as I cannot begin to fathom what she must endure to place her child in the care of someone else for the rest of her baby girl's life, never again knowing what happens to her. I pray for her often and ask that you would pray too.

Dear Lord,
As Hannah is again in the forefront of my heart, thoughts and prayers, I ask that you be with her. May she be born safely and cared for by her birth mother for the amount of time that she feels she can do that. I pray that you would bless this precious woman who is giving up her child. May you comfort her and heal her heart as she places her child in the care of others. I thank you Lord for this woman whom I will never meet but you know her as well as you know me. May you grant her the comfort that only You can give.

As sweet Hannah is placed in the arms of her new caregivers in the orphanage may you please allow her to trust them. They are there for her and may she know this. May they be the arms that hold her, lips that smile at her and kiss her forehead, the voice that sings to her and heart that beats beside hers as they hold her close. I thank you Lord for these precious ladies who daily care for the orphans of China and many others like them around the world. How hard it must be for them too to care for these children from newborn to months and sometimes years old and then place them in the arms of their forever families. I thank you for these women. May you bless them for the precious gift of love that the shower upon our children.

This wait has been so much longer than I'd ever anticipated Lord, yet I know that all of this is in your plan. You will bring Hannah and I together in your perfect time and I wait for that day...with love in my heart for my daughter and words of Praise to You, who is bringing it all to be. I love you Lord. Amen.


  1. That was wonderfully and beautifully written.

  2. Praying for you on your 28th!

  3. Beautiful Catherine.. here's to 28 months closer to your Hannah... hope it's not much longer now.

  4. Happy 28th, and a beautiful prayer. May God bring you your Hannah soon.

  5. 28 down!!! If I were a betting woman, I'd bet Hannah is born by now and you will see her sweet face before Spring time.....


  6. Sweet words.
    Happy 28th, my friend.....

  7. Happy 28th my friend. Glad the month flew by for you. I hope the next few (cause that's all it's gonna be) continue to go by fast and before you know it, Hannah will be here! I think I'm almost as excited as you! :) Can't wait.


  8. That was beautiful. Happy 28 to you.

  9. 28 done! I have those questions pop up too. We will only know when the time comes..until then, you and I can dream and look forward to the future.

    Keep smilin!

  10. happy 28th. i hope you will have your hannah home soon.

  11. What a beautiful post. I cannot wait for the day to see you and your precious Hannah united!

  12. Our house is full of thoughts of our girl too right now, she is on our minds constantly.

    Beautiful post Catherine.

    Happy 28.

    Keep the faith.

  13. Catherine -- I have seen your blog listed on so many blogrolls. I finally stopped by... and now I know why so many love you. That was wonderfully and beautifully written. What an example you are to me.

  14. Amen.

    Beautiful flowers! 28 months down... can you believe it?!! I'm sure you can - but there will come a day when the pain and longing will all be gone! Bring Hannah on!!!

  15. You brought tears to my eyes with your beautiful post. Wishing you all the best in the adoption process.

  16. Beautiful post of your heart. Similar thoughts have been on my mind and I've been too scared to write them down. Love that you have. 28 and moving on closer to your sweetheart!

  17. Happy 28 months....
    You are getting there...

  18. Thank you for sharing your lovely prayer - we haven't met in person, but we already know the beautiful heart beating inside the beautiful person who wrote it. We can speak from experience now, knowing that whole process happens in His time - as much as we wanted it to be quicker than His, we know that Joanna Mei was meant for our family. You are dealing with 'the wait' wonderfully - and you have met so many great folks along this adoption highway - love reading your posts and hearing about your visits with friends. Keep the faith. Hannah is waiting for you and she will be revealed to you in His time.
    Love & Blessings,
    Your friends,
    Don & Be


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