Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cottage Fun!

Mom, Dad, Rebecca and I headed to the cottage this past weekend. Unfortunately I had to come home afer only 2 days but they're there for 3 weeks of fun and I'm so happy for them!

We were surprised this year when we arrived to see that our little blue cottage on the lake had been painted a burgandy colour. Dad teased the owner that he went to a lot of work to paint the cottage to match Dad's boat! :o)

Dad has his big boat to play with and thanks to my brother and his wife he now has a miniature version to play with too! Boys and their toys make me smile.

Sunday afternoon after church we went on a beautiful boat ride down the lake and enjoyed a yummy ice cream cone. It's a fun tradition that our family has and any tradition that includes a boat ride and ice cream works for me! Sharon and Larry joined us which made it extra special too!

Rebecca and I were talking as she stood in the boat and suddenly my sweetie had tumbled into the centre and there she lay giggling so much she couldn't get up! Oh how I love my girlie!!

Last summer Bec started tubing but I hadn't had the opportunity to see her in action until this past weekend. She did great and doesn't she look cute perched in her tube? She's the only one I know who leaps out of the tube when it whipping through the water just because it's fun!

This final pic is another annual cottage tradition our family shares. See that white thing floating in the water? That's dad's beloved Tilley and every summer without fail we have to go back and rescue it from the water when it flies off his head as we're riding the waves in the boat.

Unfortunately these couple of days were it for my cottage time this summer as I'm busy for the next couple of weekends but I sure am glad that we had the time together there that we did! Maybe next year Hannah will be there too?? that gives me goosebumps!!


  1. Family Time is so hard to come by but oh so worth it. (even though I keep most of my visits to 3 days or less so they'll want to see me again :)

  2. sharing traditions with your Hannie will be so wonderful.......and don't forget to repeat because they remember and demand them!!!! enjoy your summer!!

  3. Next year you WILL most definitely have HANNAH!!! Goosebumps, my friend.....

    Have fun in GA and Mary-Mia's... I am sending a suprise for you tom m3's house....


  4. I can feel the mist on my face and the wind in my hair. Looks sooo nice. I want to go too.

  5. I miss having a lake close by. Looks like you all had a good time!

  6. What a wonderful weekend getaway. It looks so beautiful there!

  7. where is the cottage? on what lake - it looks so cute. do you rent it?

  8. Wonderful, wonderful family time.

    Keep smilin!


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