Friday, July 04, 2008

Saskatchewan Trip Wrap-Up

I've been home for a week but wanted to write a final post sharing some of the last bits of our trip to Saskatchewan.

On Saturday the 20th we were in a small town for the day and while Sharon was at work I headed 'downtown' (and I use the term loosely! :o) and guess what? There was a parade!

Now, most of the parade was tractors but I tell you it was such fun and I was totally impressed by this puppy! Take a look at this bad boy! It's bigger than most houses in that little town and worth more than double my home and they can't keep them in stock! I had to ask to find out that it was a combine. I think the dentists in town were in cahoots with the parade too as every single float and piece of farm equipment threw out candy. It was better than Halloween for the kids!

After our tour of little towns were moved to Saskatoon where we were excited to stay at the beautiful Delta Bessborough Hotel. It was located right along the shores of the South Saskatchewan River and had a beautiful park that stretched out along the river on either side of the hotel.

What better place to have my devotions in the morning than sitting in the sun on a bench overlooking this?

I thought of K1 as this kayaker silently went past.

Each morning Sharon and I would have breakfast in the hotel before I took her to work and one morning there was this obnoxious guy in there. You know the one...Mr Loud Cell Phone Talker - I Am SO Important. Ugh!! Once he left, this was my impression of him!

Also, in my books you can't beat a hotel that has a bus parked across the street that sells ice cream. Oh yah! On our friend Carol's birthday we celebrated with ice cream. Happy belated Birthday Carol!!

The final day before we headed home I went to visit Lorraine and Adia in their home and we had a great visit!

It was so neat to see Adia's nursery and the amazing mural that is on her wall. The neat thing is that it's painted on removable canvas and if they ever move they can bring it with them. It's beautiful!! I was also treated to seeing and touching the clothes that Adia was wearing the day they received her. That was absolutely amazing! What an emotional journey.

We dined on Chinese food in the back yard and all too soon it was time to say goodbye although from this pic you can see that Adia was ready to let me go!

She was having a rough day so it was mommy she wanted and that was that. Glad you're feeling better now sweetie!

Adia...sweetness exemplified!

Thank you Sharon for another amazing trip together. I always love the time we spend together! I wonder where January will find us for our swan song???

PS - Happy 4th to my friends to the South!!


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful end to a wonderful trip.

    You are just the cutest!

    Keep smilin!

  2. I'm glad you had a great time. Next time, go one province over.

  3. Wow - your trip was so wonderful! You always have the best trips! Thanks for sharing!

  4. wow, Catherine, what a trip you had! I love that panda wall art! awesome.

    Glad you are home safe and sound.


  5. Still sooooo jealous that you get to meet all my favorite bloggers!!! lol ;)

    Just today I was thinking that you totally need to come visit me when you get Miss Hannah!!!! We'd love to have you!!! :)

    Bless you friend!

    Love Dawn

  6. Love the impression of "Mr. Cell PHone Loud Talker". Very realistic.

    We live in the suburbs of a bigger city but the small town near us always has a parade. I much prefer it to the big city parades. It is waaaay shorter and they still throw candy. My kids love it, and I love how long it is. Perfect. :-)

  7. we had a lovely time with you too Catherine so happy you were able to stop by in Saskatoon.


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