Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Best Wake-Up Call Ever!

Yesterday morning I was getting ready in my room when there was a tap on the door. Mary-Mia came in and was laughing so hard she could hardly speak! Downstairs she'd overheard Marie saying this to her baby doll:

'What's that baby doll? You sad because Cafrin not wake up?'

Too funny! As quickly as Mary-Mia reached my door a wave of girlie giggles could be heard running up the well as a girl can run when she's carrying arms full of baby dolls and buckets of toys. They burst into the room and couldn't wait to tell me all of their news and about the conversations they'd had downstairs with the baby dolls.
That conversation was quickly followed with this entertainment. was the best wake-up call ever!

Monitor duty went well last night and other than a little rustling between 5 and 6am all was quiet and the girls slept until 7:15! When they sometimes want to wake up at 6:30, 7:15 is sleeping Mary-Mia reminded me when they woke up! :o)

I brought the girls into bed with me when they woke up and they promptly poured an entire bucket of toys into my bed to ensure that I couldn't go back to sleep since there was no room!

This pic made me laugh too as it was taken as we were heading out to preschool. The girls had 'helped' Mamma pack her purse when she wasn't looking. They wanted to make sure she wasn't bored while they were at preschool I guess. Yes...every single toy on the counter came out of Mary-Mia's purse! :o)


  1. That is just too darn cute! They are a lively duo and sweet as pie.

    Keep smilin!

  2. Ok those videos made me just die laughing. I just keep thinking that this might be a *touch* louder than you're used to. Just a touch. ;-)

  3. Okay *Cafrin*, since you are already on the west coast, we are just north a bit (okay well, a few states). On your way home, we'd love you to visit. We do not have a spiffy guest room like Casa Salsa does. We do, however, have one of those dandy blow-up mattress things and I am sure Emi would love to share her room with you. The good news, at least she's a single (something I thank the good Lord daily, especially after reading M3's blog!). So, just give a yell, I will set hubby to blowing up that mattress! :)


    P.S. Lovin' reading about your adventures. Looks like you all are having a blast!

  4. Good grief!!! They just talk non-stop, hey?!!! They look so quiet in the photos!!! hehehe!!! Toooo cute!

  5. They are just TOO sweet! I loved those videos, Cafrin. ;)

  6. Hysterical! I'll never understand how people do it with twins . . . I've got my hnds FULL with one.

    Hats off to you & the lucky Mommy!! Those girls are the sweetest!

  7. So adorable!!!! I love your posts about this precious twosome! Brings back so many memories. Twins are just SOOO cute!!!!

    Glad you're having such a great holiday. Can't wait to see you when you get back!

    Love ya,

  8. Oh my . . . you are very, very much loved by two cute girls. Looks like they're keeping you very busy. Good preparation for the future! :)


  9. Looks like lots of fun with the Salsa Twins!! I watched the videos twice these girls crack me up!!

    Enjoy your time with the Salsa Crew!

    Smiles! :o)


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