Thursday, April 01, 2010

Watching, 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'

The one show that Hannah watches on a regular basis is, 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'. She likes to watch the opening and then dance with the 'hot dog song' at the end and tends to play during the middle portion.

Here she is watching the opening song to the show. I love to see her little face light up when she first watches Mickey walk onto the screen. The first video is her watching the opening and the second is what she is watching.

At the end of each show they sing the 'Hot Dog' song and wherever Hannah is playing she quickly crawls back to the TV area to dance and sing along and then wave bye-bye to Mickey at the end of the show.

We'll be going to Disney for a couple of days in November so I'm happy she's getting to know the characters a little bit now. That's my Disney girl!


  1. She's such a sweetie! We're heading to Disney too! First time for my girls. Should be fun!

  2. I am so glad that Hannah like Mickey!

    I love the faces that she makes in the video - she looks so happy!

  3. Carys LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Thank goodness for You tube and PVR! lol We can watch it whenever she is sad! :o)

  4. Those videos were so cute! I love the dancing, and she's really fast getting back on her feet. :)

  5. MM is a HUGE hit around here too. It is always the requested movie when asked. We are heading to Disney in Oct. and I am going to introduce Buzz and Woody this summer for him to get used to.

    Love her face when he first does appear....true mouse love

  6. Absolutely adorable! She's doing so well!!!


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