Thursday, April 15, 2010

Such a Simple Solution!!

I love talking to other parents about what our children are doing and also asking for suggestions. Recently we were really struggling with meals when Hannah went through a phase where she would suddenly bat at the spoon and food would go flying. Needless to say this was fun for mommy for oh....never!!

After struggling with this for a couple of weeks I was having coffee with a couple of moms and a dad whom we take swimming lessons with and asked if they had dealt with this? Sure enough a couple of them had and they both had the same suggestion: give Hannah her own spoon to hold. I tried this and more batting at the spoon! Wow!! That was so easy!

The only time we still struggle with this problem is when she signs 'all done' and I attempt to feed her another bite. I tell you, when she says she's done she means she's done! :o)

Letting Hannah help feed herself isn't always neat but I don't mind her getting messy when she's learning something new. I just wasn't a fan of flying carrots for no particular reason!


  1. Way to go Hannah - you are getting so big and independent!!

  2. She's learning! So sweet.... sometimes we are not ready to give in and let her do it herself; still want to baby her. But she's growing up!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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