Saturday, April 24, 2010

Florida Trip - Day 1

Sunday, April 18th, 2010
(Pictures are a combination of both travel days which is why Hannah's outfit changes so often.)

Our day began early, early, early as we headed to the airport at 1am. Hannah snoozed in the back seat on the two hour drive, across the border and to the Buffalo airport but was ready to face the day when we arrived there shortly after 3am. After calling to wake up the shuttle driver :o) we headed to the airport terminal. You know you have an early flight when you're the first 2 people through security when it opens up am 4am! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to be in the 'families' line at the airport!!! For years I have looked at that line longingly anticipating the day when it would be Hannah and I heading through together. That day had finally arrived and I was thrilled!!

Here she is ready for our adventure. I'd say she's looking pretty happy considering it's not yet 5am when this pic was taken. She's a morning person just like her mommy.

As you may remember from past posts I never, ever...ever travel lightly. Have things changed? I'm guessing this picture verifies a resounding, 'NO!' This was Hannah and I with our luggage for our 4 day Florida visit.

We checked 1 bag but the rest of it travelled with us through the airport. We were quite the sight with our little train consisting of me with Hannah often strapped to me in the Baby Bjorn, stroller, car seat, back pack and roller bag. That being said, I cannot begin to count the number of people who offered to help us. I had heard from others to accept offers and I quickly became open to accepting offers to help with our luggage and even asked people for help at times when it came to lifting our carry-on up and down from the bulkheads as at that point Hannah was always strapped to me.

Our first flight was scheduled to leave at 5:10am but due to a radio problem we were delayed until 6:30. Unfortunately this caused us to miss our connection in Charlotte, NC but US Airways booked us for a new flight that left an hour and a half after we arrived there. We had great service with US Airways and I would travel with them again for sure.

This is a picture of how Hannah spent all of our flights.

In total we had 4 flights (2 going and 2 returning) and she slept 90% of the time! The plane would begin to taxi, I'd pop a bottle into her mouth to help her little ears and voila, off she'd go! It was wonderful! When she was awake she played happily with the toys I had brought and also with the flight attendants who could be seen playing peek-a-boo with her from the galley. US Airways was also wonderful in that 3/4 flights when I requested an aisle seat due to having Hannah on my lap, they arrange for there to be an empty seat beside me which was a huge help! I never asked for this but they always arranged it even though our flights were really full.

We arrived in Orlando shortly after 1pm which was 4 hours later than originally scheduled but still early enough to enjoy our first day! Here's Hannah posing with Mickey in the airport.

We picked up our rental car and were on our way. Once again I was glad to have brought some of Hannah's comfort items to help ease her with the transitions. In the car we had her travel mirror which meant we could see one another and we both really appreciated this. It's the little things that make such a difference when travelling with my sweet baby girl.

Our first stop was Target to pick up some baby food, sun screen, munchies and stuff. Oh how I wish we had Target in Canada!! I've heard rumour that they might be coming here but so far I think it might just be rumours. Too bad!

The drive to our hotel was an adventure which just made me laugh. As often as I've been at Disney, I've always been there via Disney transportation so never had to navigate the roads myself. In attempting to find our Pop Century Resort I ended up at both Epcot and Animal Kingdom. :o) Thankfully they're fully prepared for this and have turn-arounds which allow for easy redirection. We arrived at Pop Century around 5:00 and I got goosebumps as I drove through the gate with Hannah in the car! My daughter and I were at DISNEY!!!!

Check-in went smoothly and as always Disney staff were very helpful and accommodating. We were able to request a fridge, pack 'n play and bed rail for our room, all complimentary. Normally there is a daily charge for a fridge but since we needed it for her formula it is complimentary.

After this we made our way to our room. We were located in the 50's area and 'Lady' stood outside our building and 'Tramp' was across the way. One of Hannah's favourite signs is 'doggy' and she had lots of opportunity to use it this trip!

After a change into summer clothes we were ready to check out our hotel.

Signing 'more'....she was ready to go!

We drove to a local Olive Garden to meet 3D's for supper. It was wonderful to see them and we just looked at each other and said, 'Can you believe we're here together in Orlando with our daughters?!!' There was a 45min wait for a table and unfortunately before it was ready my little love had hit her wall and we needed to call it a day. We headed back to the hotel, followed our normal bedtime routine and before long Hannah was sleeping peacefully.

Tomorrow promised to be another day of wonderful Disney adventures!


  1. Hoping that Hannah is doing well after her 'fun in the sun' escapade. I hear from Mrs D that you received a perk or 2 @ Rainforest due to the swift departure of a certain HD. Looking forward to the next chapter.
    Blessings to your beautiful family.
    HomeDaddy Don

  2. Looks idyllic! I know how crazy travelling with little ones can be, but you actually make it look fun. :)

  3. It was sooo great to see y ou and Hannah this morning at church! You looked gorgeous Catherine in your GORGEOUS mandarin top!! It was fun watching Hannah from the choir. I also saw your friends I chatted with at the airport to greet you and Hannah. Unfortunately I didn't get to stop by to say hi and to congratuate you as I was feeling ill during the service...I've had this bad sore throat for a few days but now my body aches and i felt nauseous, so i left after i sang...anyways, congrats on the dedication and it was sooo exciting to be part of that! All the best. I think Hannah wanted to get down and run!!!:) Prayers go with you. Love, Karyne

  4. That child is such is little trooper! She will be game for going anywhere as it sounds like her mom likes adventure.
    She is sure growing and learning and so darn cute to watch!
    It's so much fun to see all the pictures and videos.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. OMG I cannot believe you traveled with all that stuff on your own! You are a very brave (and obviously strong) woman!

    We stayed at Pop Century twice and loved it.

    Sounds like you guys had a blast! Looking forward to reading part 2!

  6. She is a baby on the move!!

    Glad you had a great trip! Can't wait to read all about it!


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