Saturday, April 10, 2010

Playdate with Molly and Meg

Last week Hannah and I spent a fun day together with some new little friends. The mommyies had known one another for a few years now but it was the first time we'd been together with our little ones and oh what a fun day it was! We met at a local play place that is designed for babies to children around the age of 5. Hannah and I will visit there again for sure!

Here the girls were just getting to know one another and enjoying playing with the same toy. The girls are all about 1 month apart in age but the funny thing is that their height is opposite. Meg (left) is the oldest and Molly (right) is next in age with Hannah being the youngest of the group. The other 2 girls are from Vietnam and are as cute as they come!!

Here are some other pics of the fun we shared together. The girls played while we followed them around chatting and capturing as much as we could in pictures.

Molly and Hannah sharing the fire truck.

Adorable Meg in the mirror.

Miss Molly

Meg and Hannah

Hannah in the jumping garden

Before going our separate ways we attempted to capture a pic of all 3 girls together. What an adventure that was! Hannah was in a jumpy mood so one adult was assigned just to catch her as she flew! :o)

Thanks for a great visit! We're looking forward to our next one!!


  1. I thought I saw a familiar face on Molly's blog! Great shots (both of you)!

  2. 3 beautiful little girls....We have a daughter from Vietnam and our youngest is from China. It's so nice that you have other little Asian girls so close by to spend time with. The only little girl close to where we live is 2 and she was born in China but I feel sad that the girls have not had special asian friends to grow up with.

  3. How adorable! The girls really look like they had fun. I wish they'd had toys that great long ago when I was a kid. LOL

    I've given you an award over at my blog. Don't worry about doing the whole award thing. It's mostly a shout out for your blog.


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