Saturday, April 03, 2010

Look Who's Eating Table Food!

Yes, we're making the transition and Hannah is doing really well. She still likes the jar baby food which I'm thankful for but at the same time she is transitioning and trying more and more table foods. This meal was made up of sliced turkey, broccoli, cooked carrots, cheese and baked potato. Looks like mommy is going to be eating healthier too as I'm guessing sharing a Big Mac and fries with her isn't high on the Canada Food Guide.

Today we tried strawberries and she enjoyed them and didn't have any reaction to them. Next step...peanut butter. As suggested by a friend I'll try rubbing a little on her hand first and if that goes okay then a little bit on toast. I really don't anticipate their being any problems but I must admit that I'm still nervous.

I have also started to introduce homogenized milk into her bottles. Like I did when changing from the Chinese formula to Canadian, I am doing it slowly. For the past week her bottles were a combination of 75% formula and 25% milk. I think she's handling the transition well although one day where I was changing her 5th dirty diaper by 2:30pm had me questioning but that was only a 1 day thing. Phew! Hopefully those are just being caused by the 4 new teeth she is working on. LOL....guess you didn't really need all those details but since this is a journal for us you get those details too! :o) This week 50% formula and 50% milk.


  1. Way to go Hannah - there is a whole new world of possibilities out there for you!

  2. Hi there,
    I occasionally read your blog (such a cutie you've got there!), and just wanted to mention that many pediatricians now recommend that you hold off on trying peanut butter until a child is 2 years of age. Just thought I'd mention that, I waited with both my girls till they were 2, and no problems with it (although one likes it and one doesn't!).

  3. Yay, Hannah!!! Way to go with the "people" food! Have fun with this, Cath!

  4. in the states, or at least with my pediatrician, they say to hold off on peanut butter (all nuts) and seafood til age 3. apparently introducing it early can cause an allergy later.

  5. I found the following on the Mayo Clinic's website so feel it should be accurate:

    'To help prevent food allergies, parents were once encouraged to avoid feeding young children eggs, fish and peanut butter. Today, however, researchers say there's no convincing evidence that avoiding these foods during early childhood will help prevent food allergies. Still, it's a good idea to check with your baby's doctor or dietitian if any close relatives have a food allergy. And remember that peanut butter poses a choking hazard for babies.'

    Allergies to nuts appear to be less in Asian people in general. I'm going to try peanut butter on the back of her hand first and if there is no reaction to that then a little on toast a couple of days later. All the information I'm reading says that holding off on peanut butter is no longer recommended unless your family has a history of allergies.

    Thanks for the heads up though to those who mentioned their thoughts.

  6. I am learning so much from you! I had no idea about the hand trick. Like that one.

    I got your email this morning. GREAT tip! Thanks.

    I am sure you both had a wonderful Easter!

    Thinking of you!

  7. Yes, I actually read that many researchers are now thinking that holding off introducing peanuts INCREASES the chance of allergy. So funny how these ideas change over the years.

  8. Our pediatrician said introduce peanut butter at about 18 months, so I think you're good to go! She actually said there is some thought that waiting so long may INCREASE the chance!

    Be adventurous! We have tried with E-Girl and she is a hearty eater of most everything. I am glad...although packing baby food was easier for travel! E-Girl actually prefers cold food, though, and loves green beans, peas and corn that are FROZEN. So that makes packing a lunch to go pretty easy! :)

  9. I have heard the same thing you have Angela and D/A - that waiting can INCREASE the chances of the child having an allergic reaction. This week's goal is to attempt peanut butter. First by putting some on the back of her hand to see if she reacts in any way to it and then if not, on toast a couple of days later. Mmmm...I love peanut butter and peanut butter cookies. Yummo! Hope my girly does too!

  10. My Sophie (from China) has a severe peanut allergy. The drs were all shocked, because they said they expected her NOT to be allergic based on different diets, etc. The first time I gave it to her was right around age 2. My bio daughter started eating it at 18 mo, but she wasn't a big protein eater, so the ped started her early. Some peds actually say 3 now. Anyway, Sophie had the tiniest taste and immediately started coughing, pulling at her tongue and got all splotchy. Only lasted about 2-3 mins...we were ready to call 911, but then she cleared up. We had her tested a few months later. She is allergic to peanuts, hazelnuts, and cashews, but not most tree nuts, although the allergist doesn't want her having ANY nuts for a few more years, then he'll retest. The allergist scolded me a bit for giving it to her at 2, but I was just following everyone's recommendations. About 2 months before she had the reaction, I did give her some noodles from a dish at a party that had some crushed peanuts on top. She didn't eat any of the peanuts, but he thought that exposure could have "sensitized" her to it. Fortunately, we didn't have to make a nut-free home. We just keep all the nut products on a top shelf, and her daycare is already nut free. But it does make things a bit stressful. We carry an epi-pen with us and have to confirm ingredients. Luckily, it isn't so severe that she can still eat things that are labeled "may have been processed in a plant with other nut products". Just be careful! There are such different schools of thoughts on these nut allergies.


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