Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Steadier on her Feet Every Single Day!!!

Hannah`s walking is steadier every single day! Currently she walks around the house about 25% of the time and crawls or hops the rest of it. She's doing so well although I notice a marked difference in her steadiness as the evening gets later. Once 7:30 hits she`s better off to stick to her knees but she tries to walk anyway. My little weeble wobble does fall down but gets right back up.

Here`s a video taken Mondy night when we were at my parents mooching for dinner. Way to go Hannah!!

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  1. Hi Catherine
    A while back you e-mailed me with information about an orphanage in Haiti (my sister was collecting money at her wedding reception). I seem to have lost that e-mail. Can you please resend the info to
    Thanks so much and take care


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