Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hannah's First Easter at Home

Oh what a wonderful day we had! Our day started with a little Easter egg hunt. The Easter Bunny realized Hannah was only 13 months old so he kept the hunt on the simple side. Smart Easter Bunny!

Here's Hannah when she first noticed her little basket.

After opening her gifts she spied a nest of chocolate eggs and it was all over. As quickly as I'd take one away she'd have another one partially unwrapped and in her mouth. (Please ignore her runny nose. Just couldn't keep it wiped without ruining all her fun and fun was most imporant!) Figured it was time she experienced her first real piece of chocolate. You can tell she thoroughly enjoyed it!! A little chocolate for breakfast never hurt anyone. That's my motto!

That face looks like, 'Don't even think of taking away my chocolate mommy!'

After munching away on her chocolate egg and mommy removing the rest from that nest, she went in search of more. I love watching her in this video as she was having more fun 'hiding' more eggs than she was finding them. Cute!! It also demonstrates how her balance os improving.

Even though she put on her saddest eyes and signed 'more' so beautifully, mommy kept the chocolate eating to one. Well, one for Hannah. Lost count of mommy's chocolate intake. :o) Check out those gorgeous eyes and beautiful little face!!!

The rest of the day was a wonderful time at church, visiting with Grandma and Papa Perkins then at my parents place after that. After supper Grandpa taught Hannah how to feed the fish in the pond. I'm sure there will be many more trips to the pond in the near future.

Hannah and I had a wonderful Easter together and we hope you did too!


  1. Oh my goodness!! What a blessed Easter! I love all the videos but my favorite picture is the one of Hannahs sweet toes!

  2. What great pictures and videos!!

    Glad things went well and you all enjoyed!!

  3. Looks like Hannah sure enjoyed her first Easter by the looks of the chocolate all over her face and fingers.

  4. SO SO Cute! I love the chocolate face.

    Keep smilin!

  5. What a lovely day with your precious little girl. I am continually impressed with what a kind, loving mommy you are. Your blog is always such a joy to read, and I adore seeing Hannah's pictures and videos. She is delightful! :)

  6. Whoohooo, Happy Easter Hannah and Catherine! That was some seriously well-loved chocolate, and I can totally relate, because I love it just as much. :-)

  7. What wonderful signing! I can't believe she is just 2 months older then my son! She seems much older then that!

    And I agree! A little chocolate for breakfast never hurt anyone!

    Happy belated Easter to you both!

  8. Cute photos -- and I love her "spout" :)

    Jennifer (from the DaoXian group)

  9. I loved watching ALL of the videos!! I can almost smell the chocolate from here!!


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