Thursday, April 19, 2007

Survivor China!

Yeah! I heard on the radio this morning that the next season of Survivor is going to take place in CHINA!!!

I've enjoyed Survivor since it first began many, many moons ago so now that the next season will be in China I'll be watching with great anticipation! I'm guessing it will be set in rural China but could be wrong. Maybe they'll need to survive crossing the crazy traffic I've heard about!

Regardless, I'm happy to hear that 2 of my favourite things will be joining together.

For your entertainment pleasure I give you a sample of driving in Nanchung, China! Phew....not going to try driving there, that's for sure!

Driving in Nanchung. (Can't seem to grab the code for the video so you'll need to click above to see it. WELL WORTH going to see!


  1. I heard that on the radio too this morning! I will be looking forward to how it all turns out...we have to wait until the fall.

    I know the scenery will be beautiful though.

  2. That is going to be cool!

  3. I heard it on Regis and Kelly as Jeff Probst was hosting. It will be an interesting series! I stopped watching survivor when they drank cows' blood. Perhaps I should give it another chance...

  4. very interesting, I havent watched Survivor for a while, I used to be a fan but I might just have to give it another chance.
    Amazing Race was in Hong Kong the other night.

  5. I didn't know that! I am a Survivor fan too! Did you watch tonight? It was great! Like a chess game.

    Janet T.

    PS- Go Yow-Man! I love that guy!

  6. I read that on one of my Survivor sites (big fan!). SUPER excited!!!

    Keep smilin!


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