Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday Night Fun!

Friday night I hung out with Norma and John and their family as we celebrated John's retirement! (Can you believe he worked for our employer for over 35 years?? Wow!)

I love spending time with this great family and Friday night was no exception. Here are some of my favourite pics from the evening. As you can see, there was lots of time for baby snugglin and I took full advantage of it!

Thanks for such a fun evening Norma! Happy Retirement John! Are you finished Norma's list and ready for my 'borrow-a-honey-do list?'


  1. What a fun celebration! Nummy cupcakes and kiddie kuddles...the right ingredients for a perfect evening.

    Keep smilin!

  2. HiCatherine,
    It looks like November 1rst is the cut-off...Its happenning...CTG

  3. I've obviously missed a lot again. Most importantly I wanted to say belated congrats on your 13 month anniversary - that's great - closer every day. I also want you to know I'm not ignoring you. I check your blog every so often but don't always have time comment. I haven't forgotten about the "chatter". :)


  4. Cute kids! Love the picture of the baby sleeping...sigh.....

  5. Adorable little ones!

    Happy Retirement John. I must say you look much too young to be able to retire!

  6. Looks like a great time and especially if you got some cuddles with the babes!!!
    Happy Retirement John!!

  7. Ahhhh! Me lurves me some cute kiddie faces.

    Happy retirement, John!

  8. What little cuties! Happy retirement John!

  9. Fun stuff! Love the pics of all the kids.

  10. Sleeping baby is ADORABLE!!!!

    I hope John enjoys his retirement!

  11. Happy Retirement John!
    Happy 13month LID Anniversary Catherine!


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